Finger-pointing begins

JK posted the link to the OIG report on Andrew McCabe’s “lack of candor” and everyone should read that report, which centers on McCabe lying about his role in FBI leaks to the WSJ about the Weiner laptop containing more Hillary emails.

Here’s that link:

James Comey is talking a lot these days on his book tour and he’s got his talking points well rehearsed.  Comey has been bragging that he is Mr. Ethical who called for Andrew McCabe to be investigated, but McCabe’s lawyer has made a statement for McCabe, that Comey is lying and was completely aware of the WSJ leaks McCabe authorized:

“In a statement, Bromwich says “the report fails to adequately address the evidence (including sworn testimony) and documents that prove that Mr. McCabe advised Director Comey repeatedly that he was working with the Wall Street Journal on the stories in question prior to publication.””

The leaks to the WSJ relate to October 2016 leaks from high within the FBI to counter lower level FBI  leaked information to the WSJ about ongoing Clinton Foundation criminal investigations and Huma Abedin having Hillary emails on the Weiner laptop, which the FBI had seized during the Weiner investigation.

Comey and the mainstream media have consistently used the Dem. spin messaging casting those lower level leakers as “rogue, Trump-supporters” in the FBI.  I don’t know if they were Trump-supporters or not, but as always the media went with that labeling.  They might have been pursuing their criminal investigation and believed at the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ, there was a corrupt effort to impede or deep-six their investigation.  If there was suspected criminal activity by powerful political figures, you’d think the FBI would want to proactively investigate that.  Did they ever try to secure Bill Clinton’s emails from that homebrew server?  That server was his personal email server for his Clinton Foundation work.

It’s helpful to go back over the timelines and the messaging campaigns underway.  From my Dec. 13, 2016 blog post, Queen Hillary’s failing coup:

“Here’s a rundown of the Clinton/Dem/Colluding Media talking points I’ve seen, being hysterically repeated on Twitter and various news sites in the last few days:

  • “Fake News” is a dire threat and only certain (Clinton colluding) media can be trusted to report “real” news.
  • Various incantations on popular vote should rule over electoral college – from the dramatically escalating popular vote total for Hillary (likely embellished) to contorted legal reasoning, to crap like Nate Silver tweeted some tripe that Hillary only lost in 4 states by 1%, so without the Russian hacking she’d likely have won – so based on a hypothetical situation, he created imaginary polling statistics, that he’s presenting as serious analysis???
  • More Comey attacks – Harry Reid claimed Comey downplayed Russian hacking.
  • Harry Reid claims Trump directly involved with Russian hacking.
  • Electoral college electors need a special CIA briefing on Russian hacking.
  • America needs a do-over election, because of Russian interference in the election.

The liberal media has shed all pretense of being objective journalists, in fact, many are little more than Democratic hacks.  The hysteria over Americans paying attention to Wikileaks over American journalists’ reporting or Democrat mouthpieces speaks not to Americans being idiots, it speaks to people TRUST Wikileaks (a likely Russian front) over American journalists and the liberal media.

Following Twitter, is an exercise in frantic, sore-loser talking points, most bogus or deeply disingenuous, being breathlessly repeated by a cadre of big name “journalists” and news organizations 24/7.  It’s like kids at summer camp, sitting in a circle around a campfire, whispering something in the next person’s ear and saying, “Pass it on!””

James Comey still bringing up the alleged Trump pee tape in a Moscow hotel on his book tour is the most amazing thing to behold.  He is using unverified allegations from Steele, a paid Clinton/DNC, operative, who relied on 2nd and 3rd hand Russian sources,  claiming to have sources close to the Kremlin.  A former FBI director is and has been working to delegitimize President Trump, a duly elected American president, using an alleged Kremlin sex tape of an American citizen visiting Moscow.  Comey always slyly asserts he doesn’t know if it’s true, but he puts it out to disparage Trump.  Sure, Trump does plenty to discredit himself, but the truth is there appears to have been an orchestrated effort at the highest levels of the Obama administration and among some top Obama intelligence and FBI officials to takedown Trump by vicious leaks and a relentless scorched earth media campaign to both delegitimize his presidency and continually bait him.  Unfortunately for Trump, without fail, he takes their bait.

During those days in October 2016, while the Hillary email investigation was reopened, the Dems and media were on board with the messaging campaign to cast the leaks about ongoing Clinton Foundation criminal investigations and the Weiner laptop as the work of “rogue Trump-supporters” in the FBI, but they also have burnished Steele into some reliable, retired super-spy, even though he has admitted to being virulently anti-Trump and his dossier relied on 2nd and 3rd hand sources in Russia, claiming sources close to the Kremlin.  That means that information is highly likely never going to be verifiable or reliable, but James Comey’s FBI used the Steele dossier, which he knew was dirt on Trump paid for by the Clinton campaign/DNC, to initiate spying on Trump campaign officials and he’s still trying to sell the Steele dossier (Kremlin dirt allegedly compiled on an American citizen) on this book tour.

Something is very wrong with how the Lynch DOJ and Comey led FBI operated.

Trump might end up impeached for some issues stemming from the Cohen investigation, but this Trump/Russian collusion spin is about spun out.


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14 responses to “Finger-pointing begins

  1. JK

    Regarding your second bullet point from your Dec. 13, 2016 blog post LB, you’ll recall Jill Stein disputing the results in Court with, The Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, initially, enthusiastically joining in? Then, as a result of some number of re-counts upping Trump’s vote total both Stein and the Dowager Empress visibly becoming somewhat less-enthusiastic resulting in the Courts-Quest losing steam?

    So much for poor ol’ Nate Silver too.

  2. JK

    Well it would appear I ought’ve hit the news stuff LB before I chanced that comment concerning the Courts efforts “losing steam” … you notice the DNC appears now to’ve filed suit against the Russians? Maybe with Trump as a co-conspirator (I’ve just come across it but haven’t read the filing itself)?

    You’ve laid in a sufficient store of popcorn I trust LB?

    • Today alone has recycled through a bunch of old spin attacks, while cycling through several new attacks… on both sides. I’ll whiplash whipping my head back and forth between Trump vs. Dem/mainstream media spin offensives today.

      On top of that some writer, Amy Chozick, who followed Hillary for years, has a new book out – another whinefest quoting Hillary as saying, “They were never going to let me be president.” The “they” is… drumroll please:

      “They were the vast right-wing conspiracy.”

      And of course the evil “patriarchy”.

  3. Thanks JK, My husband is improving. He started running a fever on May 6th. He had been having problems lifting his feet and walking for the past month and a half, telling me his feet feel stuck to the floor again (common symptom in normal pressure hydrocephalus), so the neurosurgeon made two valve adjustments to the shunt and his walking got worse. These valve adjustments are non-invasive. They have some handheld device they hold up to his scalp over the shunt inside his head and it’s some sort of magnetic mechanism to adjust the shunt valve. So, the neurosurgeon had sent my husband to a neurologist the week before last, to rule out anything else going on, before replacing the shunt, which requires surgery.

    Then this fever started, so I took him to Savannah to Memorial, because that’s a large hospital and where his neurosurgeon is. They diagnosed sepsis, and ran umpteen tests, including a spinal tap to try to locate the source, without success. The culture on May 6th was positive for staph, so he’s been on IV antibiotics since then. In a day or two they want him to go to a rehab facility for a week or two of intensive physical therapy.

    He’s an extremely difficult patient, but he has significant brain damage from this hydrocephalus and can’t articulate well what he needs. and he has severe short-term memory loss. One of my sons and I have taken turns staying there with him most of the time, because he was so agitated and upset about being around strangers. Tomorrow or the next day they hope to transfer him to the rehab facility – not sure how he will do in another new place with more strangers and we won’t be there with him 24/7.

    Now to the politics – this Russian collusion sure is looking more and more like one of the most appalling presidential politics dirty tricks ever. It’s looking like the Obama administration and Clintons used all the investigative power of the US government to orchestrate this Russian collusion investigation.

  4. JK

    “Tomorrow or the next day they hope to transfer him to the rehab facility – not sure how he will do …”

    Here’s hoping LB your husband gets the sort of gift I did, close anyway … back in ’05 (date of my injury 30 SEP 02) I’d been getting “the run-around” from my at-that-particular-“employer” which made for a no-can-do situation as my injury was what is known in the bureaucracy as a “non-service-connected” (meaning basically, I wasn’t on active … freelancing so to speak) anyway because of the run-around I was permitted to get the VA involved.

    Long story short, VA notified the run-arounders that, “If you people don’t get to this guy [me] asap, we’re gonna amputate his legs, perform all the rehab and PT and then, send you run-arounders the bill.”

    In my case, the rehab place could not have been more excellent. Not mil or gov “paperwise” however, of the 200 or so rehabees probably 80% were, after one circumstance of another all former active vets (probably 90% of the 80% had been “freelancing” in the near vicinity of Injun country. “Hot zones” in other words.

    Today I retain my legs and, so far, am able to do near 95% of my ambulating without my being in a wheelchair – and I drive.

    I realize your husband’s condition is far from my circumstance but it’s simply the only way I can hope to convey to you, “Peace of mind.”

    Keep your chin up LB.

    “… diagnosed sepsis, … positive for staph …”

    Stay on the staff’s ass LB, my sister of last January was diagnosed similarly.

    Y’all are in my prayers.

    Oh. One last thing. Put off the blog writing.

  5. JK

    “Now to the politics – this Russian collusion sure is looking more and more like one of the most appalling presidential politics dirty tricks ever. It’s looking like the Obama administration and Clintons used all the investigative power of the US government to orchestrate this Russian collusion investigation.”

    I’ve been away from the computer a couple of days LB (thankfully, even all the news) but from just the bit I’ve read today I think Mr. McCarthy agrees with the next to last sentence of your post’s observation to wit:

    “Something is very wrong with how the Lynch DOJ and Comey led FBI operated.”

    I pray all is well with you and your’s LB.

  6. Thanks for the link JK. I have been turning to Andrew McCarthy’s legal analysis of the “Trump Russian Collusion” too. Aside from the Obama hacks efforts at DOJ and the FBI, they should also be investigating the Sid Blumenthal, Cody Shearer, Glenn Simpson, Michael Steele “collusion” in constructing this mass media spin extravaganza to delegitimize Trump’s presidency.

  7. JK

    “[T]hey should also be investigating the Sid Blumenthal, Cody Shearer, Glenn Simpson, Michael Steele “collusion” in constructing this mass media spin.”

    Probably unnecessary to post this as a comment but – I await with bated breath IG Horowitz’ report. My guess is; [another] “they” has done precisely that. I hope …

  8. Well, JK, the CYA Obama team, who were involved in both the Clinton email and “Trump Russian collusion” investigations, continue to doggedly spin, trying to get in front of the release of Horowitz’ report, while the media continues it’s frenzied hype of “Trump Russia collusion” and extreme demonization of Trump.
    I can’t stand Trump, but I can’t stand public corruption and spin even more, which leaves me trying to get to facts. Trump-friendly media runs less sophisticated and more in-you-face spin, but oddly enough the facts are starting to dribble out and they point to a widespread effort among top Obama officials to use the investigative powers of the US government to interfere in the 2016 election.
    It’s like there are two different realities. The Trump followers & Trump-friendly media cheerleaders only believe bad news about Clinton/Obama election skullduggery, while the Clinton/Obama followers & their mainstream media cheerleaders only believe bad news about Trump. Each side lives in a hermetically-sealed bubble, leaving them completely isolated and locked into their rigid binary-thinking. Each group seems so brainwashed by their partisan spin, that it’s doubtful they will be able to face the truth that both 2016 campaigns were guilty of “Russian collusion” efforts & both campaigns were very corrupt. And both Clinton and Trump likely have extensive corrupt foreign money trails, going back decades. Both of them were totally corrupt, morally bankrupt and willing to do anything to win is where all the facts thus far point.

  9. JK

    “Finger pointing” indeed:

  10. JK

    Oops. Failed to notice there was a part II.

  11. Thanks JK, listened to both parts this morning. Although, I haven’t had the time or energy to follow a lot of news lately, I do read Andrew McCarthy’s articles for insights into the “Russian collusion” political drama.

  12. JK

    So busy with “other stuff beside the news” since the first of May (last night being the first time in nine days I bothered to check my email) I’d sort of thought as I’d combined dropping my Mom off at the Little Rock airport with my bi-annual visit to the big VA hospital “Aha, now I can catch up”!

    So I sat through four or so hours of first, the network news then an hour of FOX (Tucker) followed by a couple hours of CNN. Needn’t have bothered with tv I’ve concluded. Then, following my last decade’s or so resolution to, for May, limit my surfing the Web for no more than two hours in 24 – I thought to allow myself some slack (I did afterall somehow manage (my former brother-in-law would probably insist I insert “miraculously” ahead of “somehow”) to attain an age I figured it was alright I sign up for Social Security!) Anyway I followed my tv waste of time with a near marathon of catching up on the WWW (no, not wrestling, the web) which with the four sites you likely recall I “always hit” one of which being NRO I figured to drop in on that john Batchelor site to check if he’d interviewed Mr. McCarthy – who I firmly believe is the only reliable (and knowledgeable) person to tell me …. well beside yourself of course LB but, I know you’ve got alot going on …. what’s afoot in TrumpWorld.

    Oh. First week of May I got adopted by a puppy. Lest you respond by asking me to be more specific I can confidently say only one thing – I and the veterinarian could only reach one conclusion, “Well, it is definitely not a cat therefore what we have here is a dog.”

    So don’t be concerned at my wasting much of my valuable time this sweltering May LB – the puppy has seen to that.

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