The Servers

The FBI latest document dump shows:

  • The FBI acquired TWO separate email servers and mobile devices that Hillary used.
  • The FBI determined 81 email chains containing classified information, ranging from CONFIDENTIAL to TOP SECRET/SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAM were transmitted on Clinton’s TWO UNCLASSIFIED email server systems. Of those 81 emails chains, 68 remain classified.
  • The FBI did not find evidence that Clinton’s server had been compromised. However, the FBI was unable to acquire all of the computer components and mobile devices used by Clinton, so they couldn’t conclusively determine whether the classified information on her system was compromised.
  • On page 4, the FBI notes that Pagliano, whom Clinton had set up the second email server in home, reported that he only transferred  email accounts for Huma Abedin and BLANK from the old system to the new system. (The old system Bill Clinton had set up for his foundation work).

Okay, that’s four pages reviewed in this post. So, the FBI could did not find evidence her server was hacked. The FBI does NOT have all her mobile devices and some computer components to analyze. Sophisticated hackers can penetrate systems and leave NO evidence. Evidence of penetration conclusively confirms penetration of a system, absence of evidence does NOT prove conclusively the system was NOT penetrated.  From an intelligence perspective,  once the intelligence is put in insecure environments, you operate from the assumption it is compromised.  From a legal perspective you must prove that the intelligence was compromised.  Two different metrics and as President, the FIRST one holds true – she showed she is UNFIT to be trusted with highly sensitive information, because she knowingly put highly sensitive information at risk.

Bill and Hillary have used the “over-use of classifying information” canard, as if the classified emails on her server are just a clerical error, to downplay the seriousness of the classified information on Hillary’s server. Yet, 68 out of 81 emails chains STILL remain classified.

The first server was set-up by Bill Clinton’s aide, Justin Cooper around 2007.  Once Hillary was using that server for her State Dept email, there were problems.  Around January 2009 the decision was made to upgrade the server.  Huma Abedin recommended they hire Bryan Pagliano to set up a new server.  Abedin contacted Cooper and  Pagliano acquired equipment from Hillary’s presidential campaign to build the new server system.

Pagliano stated that he transferred email from the old system to the new system and there shouldn’t be ANY email content left on the old server.  Pagliano stated to the FBI that he ONLY transferred email accounts for Huma Abedin and BLANK and that he was unaware of and did not transfer any email account for Hillary.  So, who is BLANK.   Since Pagliano ONLY transferred email accounts for Huma Abedin and BLANK and this was Bill Clinton’s PERSONAL email server for foundation business, who could BLANK be…..  Now, Clinton’s IT guy, Justin Cooper, recalls the one email account as being Hillary’s email account, not Huma’s, which again brings us back to whose email account was the only other email account on Bill Clinton’s personal server…

My guess is BLANK  is Bill Clinton, who had this email server set up in his home to do his foundation work.  His aides and mouthpieces keep saying Bill Clinton does not use email.  I am sure Bill Clinton’s aides conducted foundation business via email too and likely used other public email server systems.  They could have set that server up ANYWHERE, like in the NYC Clinton office, but Bill Clinton wanted it in his home, because he wanted his own private server, for his own use.   I suspect he felt it was physically safer in his home, protected by Secret Service 24/7.  Hillary has used that line too about the server being protected by Secret Service.  Both Clintons seem to be clueless on cyber-security though…

More later…


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10 responses to “The Servers

  1. JK

    My guess’d be Blank’s name is Sidney B.

    Just a hunch here as I haven’t read any of what you’ve LB apparently done but IF as you seem to expressly put, “Pagliano stated to the FBI that he ONLY transferred email accounts for Huma Abedin and BLANK” … and there’s not any IC entity done a ‘withhold’ … “clintonemail” not being especially gender identifying, that just might be a shared account.

    Or, was a shared account at any rate.

    But Sidney’d be just a guess.

    • Nope, I don’t believe so, since that first server Bill Clinton had set up, in 2007, was for his foundation work. The only email address on that server was Bill Clinton’s. Of course, his aides may have had access to send stuff for him, BUT it was Bill Clinton’s personal server for his email ONLY. When Hillary became Sec of State she was still using a blackberry and an email account she already had set up. Huma set up an email account on Bill Clinton’s server, probably to communicate (for Hillary) with Bill Clinton (and his aides), but it was Bill Clinton’s email address, because it was Bill Clinton’s personal server for his foundation work.

      When Pagliano set up a newer server, because the origianal one kept having issues, Pagliano testified that only two email addresses were transferred to the new server and that he was sure everything had been transferred to the new system – that would be all of Bill Clinton’s foundation emails and the newer Huma Abedin email account. The Clintons weren’t trying to cover up Hillary’s classified information, they were mainly trying to cover-up all the pay-to-play in those foundation emails. And I believe it’s been described, by Hillary, as a team of Clinton lawyers searched the email to determine which ones were “work-related” and which were personal. It’s also been described that they did not go through every email, but relied on keyword searches. I would bet the first keyword was that Bill Clinton email address to make sure all those were located, and a second was likely anything having to do with Benghazi – so after they printed out the ones to return to the State Department (they printed them and sent them to the State Department – they did not send them electronically, I believe was reported last year) – then they Bleach Bit the server to destroy the rest. Although, knowing the Clintons, I am sure Kendall preserved these email records for Bill Clinton in a flash drive or something (speculation there). The Bill Clinton emails aren’t speculation – Hillary said it in her original press conference on the server.

      Hillary is so clueless on the cover-up, because she wasn’t the one orchestrating it – Bill Clinton was. It was his foundation “business” he was covering up.

      • Sam topeka

        Which is why I consider Bill the power behind the Crone. If he should reach room temperature before November or January, Hillary will be virtually ineffectual as pres, if not impeached.
        He, more so than Hillary, is why I may vote tRump.

      • Bill Clinton worked with his old friend, David Kendall, to cover-up his pay-to-play emails. Bill Clinton has orchestrated this whole cover-up and that’s why Hillary seems so clueless to the details – Bill is handling it. They weren’t looking for classified emails to cover-up, heck in their world they have the power to decide what is and is not classified. They were covering up the foundation stuff and other stuff that could damage Hillary, like Benghazi.

  2. When Pagliano set up the second server – ALL of Bill Clinton’s foundation emails were transferred to the new server too. So, it wasn’t just “yoga schedules and wedding plans” on the second server, besides Hillary and her State Dept cronies’ emails.

    Bill Clinton’s emails were on that same server.

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