Time to expose the wholesale public corruption

Yesterday was a typical news day, as far as how the major news organizations and journalists report news on Twitter, which is where the American news narratives are generated. First it was ominous reports that in a speech the president of Ukraine said Russia is expected to invade on February 16th. Hours of repeating that followed. By late afternoon, there were reports that the Ukraine president’s speech in question appears to have been misinterpreted. And so it goes with the news media.

Russia assuredly could invade, but I sure wouldn’t trust the American news media reporting that event. It’s February 16th, so we shall see what happens. I am sitting here sipping my coffee and plan to just go about my day.

I’ve seen some prepper YouTube channel headlines run with full-blown nuclear war prep mode since the Ukraine situation has escalated, but thankfully most of the prepper headlines I saw were about basic emergency preparedness. To be clear having knowledge on nuclear preparedness isn’t a bad thing, but I prefer that topic to be covered calmly, not in reaction to news media-generated hysteria.

Events happening with our neighbors to the north have disturbed me more than Ukraine.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked emergency powers Monday to quell the paralyzing protests by truckers and others angry over Canada’s COVID-19 restrictions, outlining plans not only to tow away their rigs but to strike at their bank accounts and their livelihoods.” https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trudeau-protest-canada-emergency-powers-freedom-convoy/

Along with the spin word games to paint the Freedom Convoy as racist, right-wing terrorists, no stone has been left unturned trying to freeze financial support to the truckers.

So, the Canadian government can just label Freedom Convoy protesters and people who support them as terrorists and freeze their bank accounts. I can assuredly see Dem. politicians in Washington attempting a move like this too, in their zealous effort to hunt down right-wing extremists in every nook and cranny. When a government starts punishing ideological beliefs and views as the same as actions, we’re hurtling down a slippery slope.

With the recent protests in Canada, I don’t support blocking roads or bridges, but I absolutely support the right to peacefully protest and despite the mainstream media’s effort to amplify the spin narrative that the Freedom Convoy protesters are violent subversives, so far these trucker protests have been peaceful.

The latest Trudeau government response of invoking emergency powers serves as a harbinger of what’s coming to America very soon. The effort to neutralize the Freedom Convoy protesters began with a massive liberal media spin effort, in Canada, in the United States and in the Biden White House, to paint the protesters as dangerous right-wing subversives.

The following is a chronology of how we came to Trudeau invoking Canada’s emergency powers act.

Here’s a quote tweet I retweeted Feb. 10th:

Here’s a tweet from Feb. 9th with a video compilation of the American liberal media spin effort to smear the protesting truckers in Canada:

The liberal media spin effort went into semantical overdrive trying to use typical spin word game tactics. Framing trucks as a “weapon of economic warfare” wasn’t a bridge too far for the American liberal media spin crowd.

That media spin effort to sway public opinion did not deflate support for the Freedom Convoy protesters, but a former Obama DHS official made the recommendation to slash the tires of the trucks, which was mercilessly mocked on Twitter by right-wing pundits (and people who know about semi tires):

GoFundMe stopped donations to the truckers protesters. Before Trudeau’s latest crackdown effort, he had tried to seize GoFundMe donations to the trucker protesters. GoFundMe came under fierce criticism, backed down from supporting that move and announced they were returning all of the donations to the donors.

A Christian fundraising site, GiveSendGo, began taking donations for the Freedom Convoy. Trudeau tried to impede that fundraising effort too.

A Canadian judge froze these funds:

“The Ontario Superior Court of Justice issued an order halting access to funds collected via the GiveSendGo website, Canadian outlet Global News reports. Protesters had raised millions via “Freedom Convoy 2022” and “Adopt-a-Trucker” campaigns on the site, but government officials in Ontario asked the court to stop organizers from accessing and doling out those funds, a request that was granted Thursday, Ivana Yelich, a spokeswoman for the office of the Premier of Ontario, told the outlet.” https://www.npr.org/2022/02/10/1080022827/a-canadian-judge-has-frozen-access-to-donations-for-the-trucker-convoy-protest

The GiveSendGo fundraising site responded:

“Online crowd fundraising site GiveSendGo said on Twitter it will not follow a Canadian court order mandating it stop distributing funds to convoy protesters.

“Canada has absolutely ZERO jurisdiction over how we manage our funds here at GiveSendGo,” the company wrote on Twitter. “All funds for EVERY campaign on GiveSendGo flow directly to the recipients of those campaigns.” https://www.cnn.com/2022/02/11/business/givesendgo-trucker-convoy-protest/index.html

Trudeau’s latest move of invoking emergency powers allows his government to label anyone who supports the truckers as a “terrorist” and that could include anyone even making a comment on social media that they support the truckers . Then the Canadian government can freeze their bank accounts.

To add to this, there are reports that the fundraising site GiveSendGo has had its site hacked and the donor list is being “leaked” online, so all of these private donors could be labeled “terrorists” and be subject to financial reprisals. Kind of amazingly serendipitous timing how this hacking and doxxing of donor names came right in time to aid Trudeau invoking emergency powers and efforts to freeze bank accounts of people who donated money to the truckers.

American liberal media support Trudeau’s actions completely and so does the Biden White House. And just like the Democrats, liberal media and big tech elites worked together to #Resist Trump, tirelessly working to destabilize and destroy his presidency by any means necessary, these same tactics are being deployed against the Freedom Convoy.

The American media and Democrat effort to aid Justin Trudeau’s move to crush the Freedom Convoy alarms me more than Ukraine.

The same liberal media and Democrats who spun the violent rioting that accompanied the BLM protests in 2020 as “mostly peaceful” and who raised money to bail out those protesters arrested for criminal actions, including burning down a police station in Minneapolis, are now spinning truckers as “economic terrorists.”

After the January 6th US Capitol attack, there’s been a disturbing full-blown US government, FBI, liberal media and most of all Democrat political effort to label Trump supporters and Americans with right-wing political views as “white nationalists” and “domestic terrorists.” The Biden administration has pushed this labeling effort into the US military and the Pentagon has been busily tracking soldiers’ social media content, encouraging soldiers to report on each other, and an array of programs to promote liberal political views.

Trump’s ill-conceived “Stolen Election” 1-6 rally spin effort has provided Dems and their liberal media and big tech friends cover to ramp up spin attacks and paint every Trump supporter as an “extremist” or “white nationalist.” At the same time, there has been no liberal media or Dem effort to condemn or confront the violent rioting in 2020.

The Biden administration also tried to initiate having the IRS require banks to report on every bank account that has more than $600 of activity in a year, but faced steep opposition. They wanted the IRS to monitor every American’s financial transactions. This all brought back memories of the Obama-era IRS corruption, with the IRS targeting right-wing charities.

I’ve written endlessly about the spin information war for years and argued it’s a serious national security threat. All along this spin war has been much more than just political spin messaging “word” battles in the media. The media spin word games are only the most publicly visible part of vast, wholesale public corruption.

It seemed to me these YouTube preppers jumped into nuclear war worrying, by listening to the liberal media and Biden administration reporting on the situation in Ukraine. My gut reaction was I didn’t trust anything the Biden administration or liberal media says. The unified war drum hysteria seemed to signal another Dem spin effort more than actual intelligence on the ground in Ukraine. I also don’t trust right-wing media or pundits either, so I’m as much homeless with news sources I trust as I am with political parties I support these days.

I kept thinking these mostly right-wing YouTube preppers have a much closer and serious threat than Ukraine or Russia – it’s the wholesale public corruption with this political/media effort to control public opinion in America.

The spin information war corruption includes Democrat clandestine corrupt collusion with liberal media organizations and big tech elites. It also includes Trump’s impulsive and ill-conceived spin war efforts and that January 6th rally (spin effort there) that turned into an attack on the Capitol. He was trying to interfere with a Congressional constitutional duty of certifying the Electoral College vote. Throughout his entire presidency, Trump was under a massive, corrupt Dem spin attack, but he continually tried to emulate the Dem’s wholesale public corruption waged via spin war.

If you ask me about whether there was Dem corruption in the actual election – I haven’t seen any evidence yet, that would have changed the outcome, but would not be surprised if in a couple years we find out about all sorts of Dem corruption there too. So, my view is America follows the constitutional process with the information on-hand at that time, which is what happened. Biden was inaugurated. Dems tried to stop Trump’s inauguration in 2017 too – claiming Trump-Russian Collusion was so serious Trump’s inauguration should be delayed.

Exposing all of the public corruption and having one standard of justice is what we should all be demanding, not falling for the “lesser of two evils” choices we keep buying into every 4 years. Until this vast corruption is exposed, where the media spin war noise can’t cover it up, the powerful politicians, big media and big tech elites will keep operating this spin war against the American people and it will get much worse. They keep getting richer and more powerful by constantly dividing Americans into two partisan camps and pitting them against each other.

The Biden White House cheering on Trudeau’s power grabs to crush the Freedom Convoy just feels like it’s a more clear and present danger, to borrow the Tom Clancy title, than the Russians and Ukraine. Boy, the corruption in that novel is small fries compared to what’s going on now.

Ukraine is an international hive of corruption, just look at aspiring artist, Hunter Biden…

I wonder how many documents the US embassy in Kiev destroyed in the past week, prior to evacuation…

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