Nothing got better in our politics tonight

This is a politics blog post.

Monday morning on Twitter, I was wondering what was going on, because there was a big liberal media spin effort brewing about Trump – with “juicy details” (years old recycled stuff) from some liberal journalist’s new book. Many of the liberal media were tweeting about the “revered” retired generals’ Trump tales:

Kind of looks to me like some liberal media peeps were included in setting the stage for this FBI raid spin cycle this morning…

The news has been buzzing for hours about the FBI raiding former President Trump’s home in Mar-a-lago. Details are sparse so far, but reporters are saying it pertains to classified documents. This all feels like a liberal media narrative was written and staged, so I’m curious what on earth documents were so important that the FBI had to raid Trump’s home, which btw., former presidents’ homes have SCIFs, because they maintain security clearances and receive sensitive information.

Of course, after the Hillary Clinton email server scandal and her “extremely careless ” (Comey’s words) handling of classified documents and her aide, Huma Abedin, having tens of thousands of State Department emails stored on the Weiner family laptop, it would really have to be some earth-shattering documents to convince me raiding Trump’s home was warranted. With Hillary, the turning over of the servers (there were actually two homebrew servers the first that Bill Clinton had set-up in their home and then an upgraded one, right as Hillary was set to become Secretary of State), was coordinated with Clinton lawyer, David Kendall.

The FBI worked with Kendall on collecting subpoenaed evidence and much of it was never turned over to the FBI. They didn’t raid her home. Tens of thousands of emails were destroyed, many of her electronic devices were never turned over to the FBI, and Kendall aides wouldn’t even tell the FBI what keywords they used to search the email server for relevant documents.

I followed the details closely and I read through all the investigation notes as the FBI released them. Boy, I’m done with reading through government documents and investigations, because frankly, I believe the DOJ and FBI are thoroughly corrupted and high-ranking Democrats are above the law.

Growing up, my family watched the TV show, The F.B.I., and considered the agency heroes. I miss that fictional F.B.I. from my childhood. I hate feeling such distrust in the institutions I used to respect. I’ve also lost respect for many retired generals and former high-level intelligence officials, who became anti-Trump media pundits and leaked classified information and/or salacious gossip to try to takedown Trump. I expected these people to be apolitical and trustworthy. In their efforts to destroy Trump’s presidency (#Resist) so many people exposed their own corruption more than Trump’s.

I dislike Trump’s behavior – the petty name-calling, constant bragging, and most of all the lying, BUT I accepted he was our duly elected president after the 2016 election, just like I accept that Biden is our duly-elected president since 2020. I believe in upholding the rule of law and our electoral system, regardless who I supported. So many people, on both sides, have spent an enormous amount of time and effort trying to undermine and undo election results – since 2000, actually.

There is no way some FBI agents just decided to raid Trump’s home without a whole lot of powerful Democrats being included in this decision-making circle.

I’ve got no idea where this leads, but I can say with certainty – nothing got better in our politics with this raid.

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