Feeding the koi

The media ran a video yesterday of President Trump with Japan’s prime minister, Abe, engaged in a Japanese ritual of feeding koi with spoonfuls of food.  CNN ran an edited version of the event, making it look like Trump disrespected the ritual and just dumped the box of fish food in the pond:

“(CNN)President Donald Trump took a moment out of his whirlwind Japanese trip to connect with nature and feed some fish, but after a few delicate scoops, he resorted to a grand gesture met with some laughter.”

And then this:

“As an aide clapped loudly, Abe and Trump tossed spoonfuls of fish food into the pond. Then, with a look of enjoyment, Trump quickly poured his entire box of food into the pond.”


A Twitter media “feeding frenzy” then occurred with the media trashing Trump for disrespecting a Japanese culture and hyping Trump’s impatience.  I expect CNN to pull that story, because it’s a deliberate distortion on what happened, meant to disparage Trump.

This morning, several news outlets have run the complete video, which clearly shows prime minister, Abe, dumping his box of fish food in the pond, after the photo-op spoonful ritual, and Trump then dumping his box of fish food into the koi pond.  Trump was following the lead of his host, which is what most people do when in a foreign country, faced with an unfamiliar custom.

When the mainstream media rails about Trump’s “fake news” charge, this deliberate distortion of the facts bolsters Trump’s charge.  In this corrupt media environment, it’s very difficult to discern facts from “fake news”.  Many mainstream journalists live on Twitter, just like Trump.  Twitter is where you can watch the media in action generating spin cycles” and that is why Trump relies on his Twitter account to engage them – it’s their battlefield.

If this deliberately distorted accounting of a news event was a  one-off mistake, Trump’s charge of  “fake news” wouldn’t have gained traction.  The truth is a large portion of the mainstream media is still running the Clinton scorched earth, looking for negative stories on Trump to hype and spin relentlessly – all to trash Trump (#Resist).  During the 2016 campaign there were many of these planned media hits against Trump, from CNN altering a Trump tweet, removing the word “Crooked” from “Crooked Hillary”, to the Alicia Machado,  Clinton orchestrated media attack on Trump.  Machado was the former beauty queen, who was groomed by Clinton operatives in the media, with hit pieces already written, before Hillary launched her debate salvo at Trump about “fat-shaming”.  The Clintons, colluding with the mainstream media, orchestrated the entire Machado scorched earth attack.

Since Trump’s surprise win last November, the Clinton scorched earth machine, which includes many in the mainstream media,  moved  to the #Resist attacks, which are  really just relentless scorched earth attacks to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and to sell the American people on impeaching him.    Too many in the media were, and still are willing accomplices, running, first the GOP Insurgency, to “burn the GOP to the ground promoting Trump, then switching to the general election Clinton strategy, “Trump the fascist” attacks to cast Trump as worse than Hitler.

FOX News has moved into scorched earth mode propping up Trump and working tirelessly to trash the mainstream (liberal) media.  The truth is most of the mainstream media are liberals and readily spread Clinton talking points and specious reporting, especially on Twitter.  Twitter is a proverbial watching sausages being made experience, where all the news scraps and mystery meat wild claims get ground up and squeezed out packaged as “news”.  Trump’s “fake news” charge resonates with millions of Americans, because so many of the mainstream media’s attack stories about Trump fall apart as false or wildly distorted, as in this deceptively edited Trump dumping the box of fish food into the koi pond story.  That editing and storyline was made to make Trump look disrespectful of a foreign culture (vulgar).

The reverse side of this information war, is Trump and his info warriors have decided to fight the same kind of information war as the Clintons/Left wage, which is an all-out scorched earth, no rules apply info war.  Trump and his info warriors, are now operating like the Clintons – “by any means necessary”.

As this information war intensifies, it will become much harder for anyone to discern the truth or facts, which will lead to more chaos and overreactions in America.  Like I’ve been saying, repeatedly, in this endless scorched earth information war raging in America – the only winner is Putin.

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