Vile “fat-shaming”?

As regular readers know, I am #NeverTrump&NeverHillary.  These two are both morally bankrupt and the top-tier deplorables in America.  Watching them try to outsleaze each other is exactly like many of us expected it would be – scorched earth all the way.  Most of the  mainstream media are busy dissecting Trump completely, while busily carrying water, aiding and abetting, and even doctoring photos for hard news to boost Hillary.  They are corrupt.  They were corrupt in the GOP primary too – giving Trump, a NY liberal, BILLIONS in free media to run is GOP Insurgency and sitting on negative Trump stories.  They were helping Hillary, because Trump looked to be the easiest candidate to beat.  He is as corrupt as the Clintons  and in a fitting bit of irony, he has mastered the Clinton scorched earth too.

Hillary used this Hispanic beauty queen as her narrative on Trump being a deplorable misogynist.  Do I believe Trump is a vile jerk, who says beyond the pale things?  Absolutely!  However, if you want to present someone as the paragon of offended feminist virtue and assert that Trump “fat-shamed” this beauty queen, well, he gets a chance to defend himself.  Ed O’Keefe, at Washington Post Politics,  posted the above,  CNN video, on Twitter from 1997.


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3 responses to “Vile “fat-shaming”?

  1. Winston Smith

    Egads, what’s bad. Now the Rosie argument was awful and I say that not because I watched but it was unavoidable, there was so much coverage.
    (off the subject: sorry for the ‘test’ above: Word Press is a challenge!)

    • Thanks for commenting. I approved your test comment, so any future comments of yours should post automatically.

      Trump seemed like he was on good behavior talking to Machado in this CNN report. Malcolm Pollack commented on my previous post and he’s got this “above-my-head” blog,, where he writes about all sorts of scientific, philosophical stuff, along with politics and many other topics. He called this “narrative collapse” and I think that’s what makes it so entertaining.

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