The Bill Clinton server becomes the Bill and Hillary server…

FBI Interview Notes

Why did Hillary Clinton decide to use the private server?

On page 3 of the FBI notes,  Justin Cooper stated that Huma Abedin  recommended  he contact Bryan Pagliano to replace the server with a new server in late 2008,

Cooper was the aide to Bill Clinton, who set up and maintained this personal server for Bill Clinton.  Pagliano was the IT guy for Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign.  After the new server was installed, both Cooper and Pagliano had administrative accounts to maintain the server.  Pagliano believed he was building the new server for Bill Clinton’s staff and was unaware Hillary was going to use it.

Pagliano stated he transferred only two email accounts to the new server – Huma Abedin and BLANK.  However, Cooper believed the other account was Hillary’s account and not Abedin’s, so once again, we are at the whose account is BLANK, on Bill Clinton’s personal server, that he had set up in his home for his foundation work…

At the bottom of page 10, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jake Sullivan all told the FBI that they were unaware of the private server until after Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

So, Abedin obviously lied to the FBI.  She recommended that Cooper contact Pagliano about setting up a new server in late 2008 and which was set up in January 2009.

Previously released emails show Mills had knowledge of the private server too, but even in these FBI notes, on page 5,  it states that in 2013, Cherly Mills is the person who searched for a new vendor to manage the email server.

Hillary Clinton claims she was unaware of the server in her basement, but became aware of it at some point.  She claims she had no knowledge of the new server being installed to replace the old server in 2009 (just as she took office at the State Department).  This is the woman who had teams of spies to keep tabs on her husband on the campaign trail in 1992.  Assuredly, she had “minders” keeping tabs on him in 2007,  when this server was installed in their home, because she was launching her presidential bid for 2008.   It seems inconceivable she didn’t know about this server being installed in her home in 2007 or about the new server being installed to replace that server, in 2009.

The new server was set-up specifically to accommodate the email from Hillary and her staff with Bill Clinton and his staff ABOUT THE FOUNDATION BUSINESS – that is what it was for.

Huma Abedin was the go-between between Bill Clinton’s IT guy, Cooper, and Hillary’s campaign IT guy, Pagliano to merge this from the Bill Clinton server to the Bill and Hillary server – to merge their Clinton Foundation work.

Hillary and her “easier to use one device” explanation for her use of the server was clearly absurd, as she went through 13 mobile devices and 5 ipads, as bad about electronics as Imelda Marcos was with shoes……. although Imelda kept better track of her shoes….  On page 8, Cooper describes Hillary using a flip-phone to talk on while using her blackberry at the same time, so she could multi-task with multiple electronic devices….

Hillary was still using email from an account she had on her blackberry during the first few months of the new server system being in place.  Then she moved to using the new server exclusively.  The new server was intended for the Clintons, and their staffers, to keep all their foundation work on this private email server.  Hillary deciding to do all of her State Department business on the server was likely out of her belief that she could control and keep her State Department records private too.  She, like her husband, or likely from listening to her husband, believed that the server was “safe”, because it was protected by the Secret Service in their home.



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