Let me count the ways….

Let me count the ways Hillary lost control of classified information

  • Using an unsecured server for her State Department business
  • Having her aides use an unsecured server for their State Department work
  • Sending classified information without using encryption technology
  • Using and losing track of 13 mobile devices and 2 ipads (she used 5 ipads, 3 were turned over to the FBI)
  • Her aides using personal devices to send and receive classified information
  • Using not only her personal server, but also a gmail account (p. 17 of the FBI notes) to send and receive classified information (56 out of 904 emails found on her gmail account contained classified information)
  • Allowing IT people, to include the Platte River Network, Justin Cooper and Bryan Pagliano, with no security clearances,  to have complete access to her private email server,
  • Allowing David Kendall and Heather Samuelson, who did not possess the security clearance to handle this information, to have complete access to her private email server
  • Having both servers in insecure environments at various times before turning them over to the FBI

To be continued….


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