Hillary’s Indispensable Girl Friday

The Wall Street Journal is reporting:

“Federal agents are preparing to scour roughly 650,000 emails contained on the laptop of former Rep. Anthony Weiner to see how many relate to a prior probe of Hillary Clinton’s email use, as metadata on the device suggests there may be thousands sent to or from the private server that the Democratic nominee used while she was secretary of state, according to people familiar with the matter.”


So, another day of media hysterics, so let’s see, on the political front, Trump is wallowing in the news of Comey reopening the Hillary email investigation and the Clinton camp is waging all-out scorched earth against James Comey.

Reports are there are 650,000 thousand emails on the Weiner/Abedin family laptop… let’s hope Huma used anti-microbial wipes when handling that laptop.  Huma’s emails are reported to be many thousands (some reports are saying tens of thousands).

One wonders if she had the crème de la crème of  Clinton email server stash saved on her laptop?   Or were these just innocent emails she sent to her yahoo account to print out (that’s what she told the FBI).  Is she the diligent, little Hillary helper she is portrayed to be?

This is a long post, sorry about that.  I believe that whatever his NY FBI field office briefed Comey on was of a magnitude so serious that he felt he had no other option than to send that letter and back his agents, to allow them to continue their investigation.

In July – a few top secret SAP classified emails, Comey waved that aside. The Clinton Foundation corruption – no interest in investigating that, the obstruction of justice with over 30,000 subpoenaed emails destroyed – no biggie.  “What’s a little perjury among friends” was Comey’s attitude. So what would be serious enough to get him to act. As I wrote yesterday, I suspect, this might be about espionage (no proof – just my suspicion).

Reading these FBI Notes, then looking at the news reports, the media is fixated on the “classified email” angle and clearing or nailing Hillary (depending on partisan political leanings), but all along I’ve been more concerned that there’s a national security angle that no one has been discussing. The media talked about hacking a lot, but here are my concerns.

First, Huma Abedin should never have been cleared to have high level security clearance, with her and her families KNOWN ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islamists. So, she told the FBI she was given her top secret clearance in 2009, but did she ever undergo a formal security background check or did Hillary have that requirement waived? The Clintons did that in the 90s and had national security people fuming.  The State Dept worked out the security clearances for Hillary’s lawyers AFTER they were already in possession of them and sorting them last year.  The State Dept sent a safe to Kendall’s office…  The Clintons IT guys, Cooper and Pagliano, and also the Platte River Network, all had access to the Clinton server and NONE of them had security clearances.  And let’s clarify something here – Bill Clinton’s foundation emails were also on that server too.  These people are national security nightmares. Huma told the FBI she had no recollection of ever being read into SAPs (Special Access Programs) programs, but she had that clearance???

The FBI Notes have Bill Clinton’s guy, Cooper, telling the FBI that Huma controlled the operations of the SCIF in the Clintons home. The only person, other than the Clintons who had an email account on the Clinton home-brew server was Huma Abedin.  (FBI Notes: page 4).

Abedin told the FBI she sent emails to her yahoo email account (FBI Notes, page 86), because she couldn’t print them from her clinton email on her home printer.

Now we have all these emails and the FBI in NY has been sorting them based on metadata. I am completely computer-challenged, but I think of metadata as like sorting mail and looking at the who the sender and recipient are on the envelope (plus there’s a lot of IP info too – sort of like the routing code stuff, I think).  Metadata can be a treasure trove of information – the who is emailing to and from, if any of these recipients are foreign or intel peeps or known agents, even the, “if a schedule of exchanges emerges” can lead to drawing some conclusions or at least raising alarm bells.  You don’t have to ever read the contents and determine some major red flags just with metadata.

Huma, being the only non-Clinton to have an email on their home-brew server, gave a road into everything on that server, without it ever having to be hacked by a hostile foreign intelligence entity.

That she has thousands upon thousands of emails on her personal laptop, after claiming she turned everything over to the FBI shows she outright lied. She also said she didn’t know about the server until it broke in the news last year.  Cooper told the FBI that Huma put him in touch with Pagliano and recommended Pagliano, as the person to set up the new server in 2009. She was involved in the whole server set-up.  She has had unlimited access to Hillary and Bill and ALL the classified information in the SCIF in their home and she controlled the SCIF.

The mainstream media reported today that poor Huma didn’t know how these emails got on that laptop…   The email fairy delivered them…

She played dumb to the FBI, but she is a savvy operator.  Her demure, clueless routine is an ACT.

Now, she has all these emails – so maybe she was just storing as much damaging stuff as an insurance policy, in case the Clintons ever turn on her (which is about to happen), but maybe Huma is more than just Hillary’s indispensable Girl Friday and because of her unlimited access to the Clintons – the FBI should figure that out quick.


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4 responses to “Hillary’s Indispensable Girl Friday

  1. lolly52

    “Abedin told the FBI she sent emails to her yahoo email account, because she couldn’t print them from her Clinton email on her home printer.”

    Yahoo has been hacked repeatedly over the past 5 years. The fact that Abedin sent ONE email that required security clearance to Yahoo should be enough to put her in jail. I hope Huma looks good in orange, because she should be in prison.

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