A return to the ancient Tyranny




I judge that it was necessary that Kings should be eliminated in Rome, or (else) that Rome would in a very short time become weak and of no valor; for considering to what (degree of) corruption those Kings had come, if it should have continued so for two or three successions, (and) that that corruption which was in them had begun to spread through its members; (and) as the members had been corrupted it was impossible ever again to reform her (the state). But losing the head while the torso was sound, they were able easily to return to a free and ordered society. And it ought to be presupposed as a very true matter that a corrupted City which exists under a Prince, even though that Prince with all his lives (family) may be extinguished, can never become free; and that rather it should happen that one Prince destroy the other, for (these people) will never be settled without the creation of a new Lord, who by his goodness together with his virtu will then keep them free: but that liberty will last only during his life time, as happened at different times in Syracuse to Dion and Timoleon, whose virtu while they lived, kept that City free: but when they died, it returned to the ancient Tyranny

Discourses on Livy, written by Niccolò Machiavelli circa 1517, from www.constitution.org

So, Comey caved to the CORRUPT Clinton machine and now comes the Clinton version of “fast and furious”, in a flurry of  political machinations from the most corrupt political machine in American history.

September 18, 2015: “State Dept. requests deleted Clinton emails from FBI”

October 7, 2015: “FBI Seizes Four State Department Servers in Clinton Email Probe”

June 6, 2016: “State Department Blocks Release Of Hillary Clinton-Era TPP Emails Until After The Election”

July 12, 2016: “AG Lynch refuses to answer questions over 74 times”
July 12, 2016: “Clinton legal team moves to block deposition in email lawsuit”

July 12, 2016: “FBI to return thousands of recovered Clinton emails to State Department for potential release”

The Clinton legal eagles are working to shut down any more email releases. They want those recovered deleted emails, in FBI hands, back at the State Department, where they can make Hillary’s emails disappear there ( like the Rose Law Firm billing records).

Most of all they want to see what the FBI recovered and get that EVIDENCE  out of the hands of the FBI.   This assures that there will be NO FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Got it -THE  FBI IS NOW CORRUPTED BY THE CLINTONS.  The Clintons can do whatever they want.  

There’s no one to stop them.

The Obama administration is CORRUPT all the way to the top.

The Obama administration email records disappear with as alarming frequency as Hillary’s emails.  In the Obama administration all official government records are subject to editing, rewrite, or complete erasure to assure the official records fall in line with and support the Obama “narrative”.  This is the old Soviet model, where you can replace “Soviet party line” with  Obama “narrative” – the same modus operandi.  .  Efforts by the media, by private lawsuits, by governmental oversight agencies to investigate the Obama corruption continually meet this same stonewall effort.  Obama officials proclaim due diligence, while emails waft off into the ether.

Attorny General, Loretta Lynch, old friend of the Clintons and top Clinton advisers,  testified before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday,  She completely stonewalled the Republican Congressmen’s questions about her decision not to indict Hillary Clinton.  It was one of the most vile OPENLY CORRUPT public displays in American history, but then again she is part of the TOTALLY CORRUPT Clinton machine, part of the TOTALLY CORRUPT Obama administration, both of which are powerful leaders in the TOTALLY CORRUPT  Democratic Party, which assuredly looks more and more like an organized criminal enterprise.

 Corruption begets corruption!

We are now ruled by a political crime syndicate.  To counter TOTALLY CORRUPT  Hillary, the Republicans have CORRUPT, mercurial, Donald Trump, whom his handlers are trying to send out like a trained parrot with prepared comments, to avoid him blurting out crazy, incendiary, unhinged comments.  Trump’s business dealings and mob connections (where reports  surfaced of even Russian mob connections)  bode poorly for the prospect of an honest Trump administration.  Even his much touted Trump Foundation gives off warning signs that it could easily become as much a criminal enterprise as the Clinton Foundation, which I’ve covered in other posts, here, here, here.

Sadly, the path America is on leads only to a return to the ancient Tyranny.



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3 responses to “A return to the ancient Tyranny

  1. Gaius Gracchus

    Love the post. Too much truth. Tyranny reigns. And there is very little new in the universe. I try to explain these simple truths to people, but too many are so blinded that it creates cognitive dissonance for them to even consider these simple self-evident truths…..

    Thank you for the effort you put into your posts. I enjoy reading them…..

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