Trump messaging 101


The messaging muddle in the Trump campaign continues to stir up the muck and will end up leaving Trump’s big name GOP enablers covered in the sleaze and flailing about looking for even a shred of unsullied personal honor, if they choose to stick with this fraud. Despite the mounting realization that Trump’s not going to “act” presidential, these big name enablers cling to the belief that he is somehow some “great” catalyst for change and breath of fresh air, fighting against oppressive political correctness or in their most desperate mewling, they keep repeating that he’s better than that dreaded witch of Chappaqua, Hillary.

The irony that Donald Trump follows the Alinsky playbook more assiduously than Hillary or Obama should clue his big name supporters in that, this man is NOT a conservative nor even a Republican, he’s a pampered, puffed up Prince of New York, “The Donald”, as I’ve mentioned many times before and he’s about SELF-promotion, not about “Making America Great Again” or fixing America’s problems, heck he’s not even really into the details of public policy. Donald J. Trump is about Donald J. Trump, you can full stop there, because that’s the beginning and end of Trump’s world view.

Trump threw that sideshow press briefing last week, to attack reporters and lie about his January veterans’ fundraiser. As I’ve said several times, his Trump Foundation vet fundraiser PR gambit highlights just how much he is like the Clintons, with the melding of the political operations with what is ostensibly supposed to be his “charity”. The truth about Trump’s dedication to veterans can be summed up by this bit of trivia from a January Washington Post story:

“The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack detailed that giving, contrasting the $57,000 the Trump Foundation gave veterans groups from 2009 to 2013 with the $100,000 it gave to the William J. Clinton Foundation in 2009 alone.”

Trump kept bragging since January about the million dollar donation he made to vets during his propaganda gambit vet fundraiser/Trumper tantrum at FOX News event, but the truth is he didn’t donate the money until he was pressured by press questions about the donations’ distribution the week before last.  Again, he is a liar and a fraud.

Trump revels in his power to suck up media attention, he revels in vicious character assassinations and forcing Republicans to bow down to him.  He wants Republican power-brokers to bow to him and kiss his feet (and other parts too).  Instead of showing an iota of humility, Trump intends to continue to attack Republican leaders, like his attack on NM governor, Susana Martinez,  because he wants them to become his loyal stooges or he wants them eliminated from the GOP power structure – that’s what a GOP Insurgency IS, for the clueless GOP dupes who believed his scorched earth primary campaign was just an “act”.  No, this is the real Trump – he’s a lowlife, sleaze who will break any rules to get what he wants – he’s CORRUPT to his core and has no moral boundaries.

Trump moved on to not only maligning all Mexicans and scapegoating sundry ethnic groups, he’s now set out to attack the federal judge in his Trump University fraud case.  Plenty of his media minions jumped on board to assassinate the character of this judge too and that should give you a clear indication of how Trump will abuse presidential power.  One of Trump’s biggest apologists, Newt Gingrich, has come under attack from Trump too, for condemning Trump’s attack on Judge Gonzalo Curiel.  Instead of backing off from his attack on the judge, Trump once again doubled-down.  Between now and the convention we will see if any of these big name GOP Trump enablers gather enough courage or shreds of character to walk away from Trump’s gutter politics.

Several Trump surrogates came out yesterday and were marching in line to the new Trump talking points, which they admit came from a Trump conference call yesterday , where Trump ordered them to get on his message and fight back against the  fallout from his infamous attacks on this federal judge.  Many Trump-friendly pundits have jumped on board to aid Trump in assassinating the character of this judge, with lengthy pieces to bolster Trump’s slurs and smears against the judge.  Trump’s sewer rats operate exactly like the Clinton sewer rats, as if they roam the same gutters…

Trump started with a con about “Make America Great Again”, but his policies are truncated talking points, not coherent policy.  What drives Trump is the media attention and his love for bullying, braggadocio and scurrilous character assassinations – he is a punk who should have been put in his place decades ago – that’s the truth.  He loves to engage in these staged public humiliations – like last week he was calling reporters names and accusing them of lying, when HE is the one who lied outrageously about this veterans’ fundraiser.

Reporters should be investigating every claim he made, because the chaos with how he operates is a YUGE warning sign that he is not an organized manager or good at principled leadership or behavior.  He didn’t bother to research how primary campaigns work before launching a presidential bid and even now Paul Manafort is trying to put together a viable general election ground game, against the continuing internal campaign warfare between Trump’s scorched earth facilitator, Corey Lewndowski and Manafort.  Trump bet his entire campaign on his borrowed Clinton-style scorched earth/mass media saturation strategy.  Just a week ago, Trump fired Manafort’s pick for a national political director, Rick Wiley, after Wiley only being on the job for a month, indicating the internal Trump chaos continues and Trump remains comitted to Lewnadowski and a scorched earth campaign.

Trump practices the “admit nothing, deny, everything, counter attack” strategy that his sleaze friend, Roger Stone, lives by.  Trump does Alinsky better than Hillary Clinton.  Any hope for a more presidential-acting Trump will be in vain.  The best thing that could happen to the GOP is if Trump pushes too hard and some of his big name GOP enablers get cold feet about backing this LOOSE CANNON.  What a strange election cycle, where the most odious, corrupt, UNFIT Hillary looks like she is equally matched by this odious, corrupt, UNFIT former Clinton friend, masquerading as a Republican.

Will any in the GOP bolster some courage and launch a counter-insurgency before the convention?  Judging by the milquetoast, backing down from Trump’s bullying tactics thus far, chances of a real COIN strategy within the GOP seem highly unlikely and with the likes of Bill Kristol being the emerging strategic-leader of this #NeverTrump effort, well, I expect it to be as well-thought out as his “moderate Syrian rebel” wild goose chase he beat the drum for.   Before the “moderate Syrian rebel” fable, Kristol  was out there touting the glorious “Arab Spring”.   Sadly, Kristol relies on his “military strategy” from his friends the Kagans, whom I consider a top-level menace to American national security and an insult to sound military strategy, so hopes of him building a viable third-party candidate to counter Trump’s borrowed military information strategy  (yes, the Clinton spinmeisters strategy is a military information strategy  – not benign PR) seems  doomed.

The truth is America needs a COIN strategy to get us back to a republic grounded in our American founding principles and rooted in The Constitution.  The need for a 180 degree change in the direction our country is headed goes well beyond the GOP, it speaks to a we need a revolution of American ideals.

Yours truly, me, a nobody homemaker, amateur military strategist thought up a comprehensive PR strategy using sound military strategic precepts to defeat the Clinton-style scorched earth/mass media straegy, without breaking any laws and defending The Constitution every step of the way.  Yes, I have a plan to wage war without a single shot ever being fired and yes, Americans have been reinventing “war” since 1775, when General George Washington took command of the Continental Army and we continue to pave the way toward innovative thinking and modern warfare.   Alas, I am only one person and one person can’t wage war – even ideological war, with the mission of winning the hearts and minds of Americans.  On the bright side, I still own this domain name and am still able to blog….  isn’t freedom grand:-)

Winning the hearts and minds in America will take a team committed to the same ideals.  I am not even sure  America still  has a team committed to defending The Constitution.




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5 responses to “Trump messaging 101

  1. JK

    Are we building up to an endorsement for Hillary here LB?

    If not then … who?

  2. JK

    Thanks LB. Mucho relief.

    Have to admit I’ve been doing alot of cringing of late.

    • Those Leftist organized rioters gave him an opportunity to pivot the focus to the radical Leftists (and Soros), but Trump follows that with an attack on this federal judge……… that follows his insane attack of Governor Susana Martinez. He loves engaging in character assassinations more than he likes focusing on public policy or forsooth, “acting” presidential. He’s starting to make that white trash reality TV family with the beauty pageant child, Honey Boo Boo, from a few years back look classy… And the witch of Chappaqua is going to keep taking that school-marmy tone and egg him on, hoping he keeps melting down.

      I keep hoping Comey recommends an indictment, but that seems more wishful thinking than realistic…

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