Trump already built a wall

Time for the GOP leadership to unite around demanding a FBI investigation into how the Trump campaign came to be running scorched earth against 16 other Republican candidates. It is a rigged game that takes collusion with mass media elites to pull off this strategy – billions of dollars in FREE media was given to Trump. Trump can spew about the millions in paid ads other Republicans spent against him, well, the truth is no amount of paid ads can defeat a candidate running scorched earth/mass media saturation, because they will never gain enough mass media saturation to make a dent against it. The scorched earth/mass media saturation assures that the 24/7 news cycle is all focused on whatever those using it are selling. It’s the Clinton talking points spin (lying to the American people) on steroids.

The mass media saturation is the military strategy of swarming played out on a mass media battlefield – it creates a messaging wall that can not be broken through. It’s large scale mass brainwashing more at home in totalitarian regimes, where tyrants control the media. The Clintons colluded with their liberal big media elite friends  to control the media in America. Trump might have FOX in the general, a foreign-owned media corporation, but then again he may not. The American owned big media is all liberals. The mass media saturation strategy was developed by far-left Alinskyite Marxists.

Sorry, any presidential candidate who runs the Carville/Begala scorched earth/mass media saturation strategy is a CROOK – it is wholesale public corruption on an epic scale. Of course, that so far only the Clintons who run Clinton Corruption, Inc. and Trump, the “great”crony capitalist of NYC have been able to carry it off should clue the GOP’s leaders in that they’ve allowed their party to be hijacked by a CROOK, just like the Clintons.

I would vote for any of the other 16 GOP candidates and even Bernie is more ethical than either Hillary or Trump, although the fact that a leftover Marxist from the 60s is even gaining traction in an American presidential election speaks to cultural collapse, in not only the Democratic Party, but in America. So, I will never vote for Hillary or Trump and I just can’t bring myself to cast a vote for a Marxist for president – I’ll be writing in in November.

Good luck to the GOP trying to unite the GOP after Trump’s scorched earth campaign, you know the borrowed military strategy of scorched earth played out on a mass media battlefield. Scorched earth is like Sherman’s March To the Sea and I assure you, here in GA those Americans whose families were vanquished in that scorched earth campaign, even today, have not forgotten. Trump can never unite the GOP, he just blew up 16 other candidates and the party’s principles, but be proud he has the morals of the Clintons.



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9 responses to “Trump already built a wall

  1. JK

    And the realistic option is … ?

    • The GOP leadership uniting and insisting on an FBI investigation into how Trump is running the Clintons scorched earth against the GOP and 16 other Republican candidates – taking down the Clinton Corruption, Inc. is America’s only hope. Trump is just a sideshow and the biggest dupe in American history. Scorched earth/mass media saturation information warfare takes a lot of constant collusion to circulate the talking points and staging the agitprop. It can not be waged by one man and a couple of inexperienced staffers like Lewandowsky and Pierson. There are vast amounts of electronic trails to prove the the Clinton sabotage of the GOP primary. I suspect Lewandowsky is the Clinton plant inside Trump Tower and Stone and the GOP enablers are trying to get Trump to ditch scorched earth and act presidential. The FBI is already invesigating Clinton, Inc. … shouldn’t be too hard to expand it.

  2. JK

    “The GOP leadership uniting and insisting on an FBI investigation “

    Oh yeah. Easy now that you mention it.

    I think I’ll send the editors of National Review an email. Piece o’ cake since there’s a whole two months to, git ‘er done, as they say. Maybe we can even get Trey Gowdy to head up the oversight.

    • Yep, sounds like a Forlorn Hope. Hey, Trump was given some dirt to dump today about Cruz’ father…

      Obama – parents Marxists

      Hillary – far-left radical Alinskyite with a Muslim Brotherhood companion

      Trump – the biggest dupe in American history, “great” crony capitalist, got conned by Clinton operatives, the very same ones who introduced the “war room” to American politics, with such lovely strategies to take American politics into “information warfare”…. endless agitprop to divide America into hostile, frothing enemy camps – BLM and neo-nazis set to clash in Cleveland…

      And then there’s

      Cruz – whose father “might” have been a communist and the Clinton scorched earth team dug up this Lee Harvey Oswald story (they don’t just find the skeletons in the closet, they dig up the dead and examine the bones). I’ve always thought the Clinton sewer rats who latched onto Bill Clinton, a pretty centrist good ol’ boy, operate like the old East German Stasi or KGB in their “intelligence-gathering”.

      Then there is Kasich, hanging around, as some lame GOP party hacks last-ditch effort at trying to save the party from the hostile takeover.

      My experience during impeachment is the truth, I always have more than one plan, plus a few contingency plans in the works. And relying on politicians would be purely stupid – they are a cowardly lot 🙂 I am sticking to my intention to work to drag thatwitch2016 to justice:-)

      Keep the faith:-)

  3. Michael Adams

    As much as Trump has blathered on about the Republican establishment conspiring against him, it is becoming crystal clear that the conspiracy was in the other direction. They picked a candidate whom they could defeat. The joke may be on the Hildabeast, though, as she is such a repulsive candidate, Trump might win, anyway.

    Are we really about to elect an allegedly Lesbian President? I believe that she is just that. No one says it, but everyone knows it. Can they call it libel to say it, if the Supremes have found a right to it in the Constitution?

  4. She is horrid, but it’s a rigged game with this scorched earth – just look at the FOX Trump zombies repeating Trump’s memes – but beyond that the moral corruption Trump spreads is horrifying. A lot of big name people sold their souls to sell Trump and wear down those Republicans against him.

    Here are a a few quotes from Victor Davis Hanson’s piece at NRO today, and my take on his statements:

    “Trump has no loyalty to the Republican establishment or to the conservative movement.”

    Why on earth would you pick a leader for your party who has no loyalty to your party or the party’s principles?

    “Trump is the antithesis of his smears of his rivals. He is many things, but at least not “low energy.” He may be fat and pink and orange, but he is not “little.” He lies and fabricates, but he is not a sober and judicious constitutionalist: So “Lyin’ Donald Trump” wouldn’t work as a sound bit.”
    He lies and fabricates, but can’t be branded as “Lyin’ Donald Trump” ???
    “If the rules of politics do not apply to Trump, how then can Trump break them?”

    Allowing one person to not play by the rules is CORRUPT and CHEATING. It should be roundly condemned, not championed as a badge of honor.

    “Yet Trump garnered more free publicity, interviews, and attention from the liberal media than did any well-handled candidate, Democrat or Republican.”

    Trump was GIVEN more free media, which is a RIGGED playing field, from which he launched the borrowed Carville/Begala scorched earth/mass media saturation strategy against 16 REAL Republicans. This is the most ruthless and corrupt information warfare that creates a messaging wall that can not be permeated, as the millions of paid ads the other candidates tried against it attest to. It takes massive collusion between the political operatives and the mass media to wage against opponents. Playing scorched earth against your own party’s players???

    VDH is like Rush and so many, talking in circles and spinning like Lanny Davis these days – they make excuses for Trump’s vileness constantly, but worse than that they are packaging situational ethics and moral relativism, as shamelessly as the left – actually buying Trump’s spin. Cruz lied a lot too, which doesn’t excuse Trump lying almost every time he opened his mouth and the media selling this “Trump doesn’t play by the rules, because he’s Trump.” Should have been challenged immediately and roundly condemned – instead they are buying into it. Hillary has been above the rules too… Both are playing the same conspiracy theory – victim on the GOPe out to destroy them,,,, Incredible that so many Republicans fell for that. The GOPe really should unite and launch a counter-insurgency to expose the Trump fraud, but politicians are a gutless lot.

    • I refer you to:

      She believes being the first female President is her destiny and she is a like the women in “Fatal Attraction” or “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle”

      Trust me, she is determined to do whatever she has to be President. Daunting challenge to drag her to justice;-)

      Trump is in a bigger bind for the general – he was sold on their scorched earth, but he will have a hard time looking presidential and delivering the character assassinations at the same time. He doesn’t have a Lanny Davis or Carville and Begala to go out there and do that. The Clintons always act presidential and above the fray, leaving the dirty work to their minions. I can’t imagine Giuliani, clueless Ben Carson, Chrisite stepping forward to sacrifice their reputations to do cutthroat scorched earth for Trump, while the media dumps mountains of op research as investigation research, to saturate the Trump the crook, Trump the racist, Trump the fascist, etc. They will get nervous about salvaging their reputations. And Stone has conveniently, already been uninvited from both CNN and MSNBC, the two liberal networks and FOX is foreign-owned and has spent a lot of time angering the GOP conservative base with the all-in 24/7 Trump Show. (quite the advance planners, those Clinton sewer rats – almost like ruthless intelligence operatives, who are rather fond of military strategy).

      It would take quite an outside-the-box, revolutionary strategy to defeat the Clinton machine – been pondering this since 1999;-)

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