LB’s guide to profiling

Here’s a quick libertybelle primer on profiling and it might come in handy, as you try to decipher, who’s who in the upcoming national melodrama.  People live in groups, that’s just how we arrange ourselves.  Toss out all the psychological claptrap and look at the nuts and bolts, because it will make figuring out the cast of characters go much faster.  The most tightly knit groups are first the family, then the ethnic and religious groups people are reared in.  Political ideology is a potent factor too, but it’s power only exerts a great deal of influence over the most ardent believers.  The first three, family, ethnic and religious ties are much tighter and harder to break.

With that in mind, step one in finding out who people are, find out who their parents and grandparents are/were, then the ethnic and religious components and lastly their political connections.  Since many of the foreign infiltrators set up shop in illegal activities decades ago and melded in/or worked with organized criminal elements, there is a huge overlap between foreign infiltration and the wholesale political corruption we now face.   As this unfolds, areas of  foreign infiltration command and control hubs (often disguised as legitimate business enterprises or think tanks, news outlets. advertising companies, real estate and even religious groups, etc.) will emerge.

My last bit of advice is get yourself a notebook or use an online program to keep charts and start doing group headings and then fill in likely members – some will have multiple group affiliations.   Don’t be deceived by fancy titles or chests full of medals – look for the truth.  Who knows, a website may emerge to help in this endeavor, because every aspect of my life has been investigated, dissected and analyzed, to include my bedroom in 1998.  I intend to make sure this time around, I get a chance to defend myself and expose the TRUTH.

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