Another Cry In The Wilderness

An American wake-up call

Watching how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton operate, with their enemies lists, where he issues veiled threats, channeling Mussolini’s ghost for his strongman image and she unleashes Clinton sewer rats to attack her political enemies and silence them, the following video should be watched by every American, to warn where an American road, with either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, as President, leads. I’ve already experienced being investigated by the Clintons and having a retired general sent to silence me during impeachment. I’ve lived all these years, since 1998, looking over my shoulder and not being able to trust anyone – my own husband was manipulated into having me sent to a mental facility. My Messages of mhere story tabbed at the top of my home page, while written in a light manner and with pseudonyms is the TRUTH.  I understand this man’s feelings completely, because I feel like I’ve been living in a cage too.  I want to be FREE in America again!

This video above shows how quickly a state can descend into tyranny – it should serve as an American wake-up call.


The above is a repost from March 6, 2016.  The following is a long comment I posted (Saturday, April 30, 2016 12:14 PM) under my nickname, susanholly, at National Review Online in the comments section of a Andrew McCarthy article, “Trump Would Press the Agenda That Drove His Voters from the GOP” :

People get so enmeshed on the minute-by-minute slugfest in campaign battles that they fixate on pointing out these snapshot views (the little picture) of why things happened. If you really want to know why Trump is “winning” it’s because he was sold as “winning”.

I can pinpoint things about all 16 other GOP candidates that I like and dislike, but they all ran traditional GOP campaigns. Trump used a slick propaganda technique, which is exactly how Bill Clinton survived impeachment, how gay marriage was mainstreamed, how climate change was sold and many other left-wing causes. It’s how the transgender “rights” issue is being sold.

I’ve been studying this since impeachment, because I was perplexed how Bill Clinton could keep rising in the polls in favorable numbers as the scandal worsened, because it made no sense. If the highest law enforcement officer in the land is exposed as having lied under oath, regardless of his partisan political affiliation, in America he should be disgraced and removed from office, if Americans believe in the rule of law and that no one is above the law. So, then I started wondering how could this be that his favorable numbers kept going up and that endless repetition of buzz words and talking points baffled me.

America started being sold a new propaganda messaging with their Clinton spin mass media messaging operations. Take the personalities and partisan politics out of it and it boils down to mass media saturation with carefully selected and relentlessly repeated buzz word and catchphrase messaging, along with strategically-timed character assassinations to immobilize any opponents who gain an iota of traction against their mass media messaging blockade (Alinsky would be proud). Then the politicians and their mouthpieces, with the collusion of the media keep reminding American’s of who or what issue is winning in the polls. The goal is to get over 50%, so they can claim that is the “will of the people” and it marginalizes dissenters as fringe kooks. It’s totalitarian and antithetical to American principles. What do manufactured polls, achieved through mass media saturation, really represent?

Any of the other candidates could have talked about anything, they could (and many did) give the best speeches ever, but as long as they use complete sentences and do not have the mass media saturation ability, their messaging will never gain traction. Those buzz words are what people remember (like a catchy commercial jingle). Cruz made a little headway with conservatives in some states by relying on intensive grassroots organization and campaigning on the ground, but he did not make a dent against the mass media saturation blockade. That last GOP debate, a week of blowback about Trump fascist memes set-up and his war crimes as serious policy controversy coupled with Cruz and Rubio’s tag-team takedown of Trump at that debate started a slight messaging breakthrough. Trump countered with a character assassination of Rubio and the little hands bit, coupled with coordinated media dumps of stories to trash Rubio, which knocked Rubio out of the race. Trump walked away from debates, because he’s vulnerable in that format and can’t control it. Cruz won one news cycle with the Carly announcement, but Trump orchestrated the “Lucifer” hit and the mass media hits (yesterday Drudge had several headlines – to include, amazingly, a Mother Jones article by David Corn) on Cruz the “religious zealot”. The Trump operatives ran that talking point even in Disqus comment threads on conservative online sites. How Trump orchestrated that Lucifer hit with Boehner and the mass media would be interesting to know.

The strategy Trump is using is the Carville/Begala strategy that got Bill Clinton through impeachment and it only works with mass media collusion to pull off the mass media saturation – it’s slick mass media brainwashing – it’s how Obama and his “hope and change” got him elected too. Obama out sleazed the Clintons with this technique and he had that ace in the hole – the race card – to play.

The exact how Trump came to be using this technique and had the professionally-gathered opposition research on-hand and knew how to time and orchestrate this strategy perfectly with supposedly barely any staff is the real question. Trump only pays attention to his “winning in the polls” and going out there with his memes and character assassination attacks, but he does not really understand polling. For this strategy to work takes really sophisticated internal poll tracking and rapid responses to keep the 24/7 news cycle on your messaging. How Trump orchestrated all this alone is what I want to know??? No Republicans or conservative issues have won against this mass media strategy yet, because they never have the mass media collusion necessary to carry it off. Obama beat the Clintons using it, playing the race card, but I don’t believe Trump can beat the Clintons, because the mass media saturation will pivot to deliver the Clinton character assassination blitz with their 2.0 version of this strategy. It’s not about personality – It’s mass media brainwashing, in essence, and if you can manufacture those popularity polls – 50% with dubious polling that’s all it takes, you can then strong-arm everyone else to submit to this as “the will of the people”. This is racketeering and influence-peddling on an epic scale and runs completely counter to our American values.

I am a homemaker and the wife of a retired soldier. I don’t have any political connections to prove what happened to me in Fall of 1998 and early months of 1999 for challenging this Clinton propaganda strategy on the Excite message boards, but I almost had my freedom taken away for posting on a stupid message board, when some of my arguments countering their spin started being used by real GOP pundits. I was attacked in my home and silenced. My effort to prove how far the Clintons will go to win has taken me all these years and gotten no where. Now they’re successfully hijacking the GOP primary process through a yuge dupe and Ms “love and kindness” sits poised to win. The mass media saturation makes that inevitable. Bill Clinton has twisted Obama’s arm to make sure she won’t be prosecuted. What kind of American leaders would resort to this sort of Alinskyite propaganda strategy and what kind of safeguard is a “free press”, where the big media honchos would, willingly and knowingly, participate in it? We are doomed if this goes unchallenged.

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