The drip drips continue

Despite the Clinton political machine and their loyal shills in the media trying to bury Hillary’s email server scandal the drip drips continue.  With her latest email dumps by the State Department the scandal deepens.  For an excellent analysis  please refer to John Schindler’s piece at the The New York Observer, “Hillary’s EmailGate Goes Nuclear” where he explains another explosive revelation, a Sid Blumenthal email with highly detailed information worthy of a top notch intelligence professional.  Schindler writes:

“In fact, the June 8, 2011 Blumenthal report doesn’t read like CIA material at all, in other words human intelligence or HUMINT, but very much like signals intelligence or SIGINT (for the differences see here). I know what SIGINT reports look like, because I used to write them for the National Security Agency, America’s biggest source of intelligence. SIGINT reports, which I’ve read thousands of, have a very distinct style and flavor to them and Blumenthal’s write-up matches it, right down to the “Source Comments,” which smack very much of NSA reporting and its “house rules.”

But is this an NSA assessment? If so, it would have to be classified at least Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information, a handling caveat that applies to most SIGINT, and quite possibly Top Secret/SCI, the highest normal classification we have. In that case, it was about as far from Unclassified as it’s possible for an email to be.”

Schindler offers some of the finest analysis of Hillary’s email server scandal and you can read his archived articles at his XX Committee blog.

A point that needs to be made is so far the State Department releases of the emails, which Hillary’s lawyers turned over to the State Department, reveal over a 1,000 emails to date, which contained classified information.   Keep in mind that the FBI has access to the approximately 30,000 “personal” emails, which Hillary’s lawyer stated were erased.  We don’t know what those 30,000 “personal” emails contain.  One can safely assume it’s likely more than yoga schedules and wedding plans.


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  1. Robert

    On this matter of servers and emails, I would watch for small reports about Hillary’s “health”. She took that fall a couple of years ago and reportedly hit her head….one never knows though with her and her people. If the drip turns into a flow of bad news, she will have medical episodes. This may be where an ass like Trump can do his country the most good and keep the heat on her and her criminality. The media will either cover the story or get left behind. Cover ups only go so far. The FBI can then live up to their oaths of office, meaning everyone of them that knows the truth about her and this.

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