An idea takes hold…. imagine that

Hey, perhaps my idea is taking hold: “Will Obama Respond to Russia in Syria? by Michael Curtis.  He recognized that the US policy is more concerned with Assad than with dealing with ISIS – how about that “revelation”, lol.  Same old, same old – just like with the Elizabeth O’Bagy situation,

I posted this in comments at the American Thinker under my susanholly name:

Yes, the US should talk to Putin – wrote this on my blog since October 5th- (…,…,… and I have posted it in comments here and at National Review several times. Chaos or ISIS will seize control if Assad falls first in Syria. There is no plan to prevent that from happening. Obviously, if the Russians and Iranians help the Assad regime retake more territory in Syria, ISIS will be pushed eastward. We should work with forces from the east and in Iraq to push against ISIS from that direction. Rather than all this saber-rattling about Putin, we should be in serious talks about Our Plan to degrade and defeat ISIS.

In grade school long ago, they used to teach kids about various forms of government and at the far end, the worst thing is not a despot – it’s anarchy and that is what we left in Libya and when we pulled out of Iraq too. Libya is still in chaos, ISIS filled that power vacuum in Iraq and is poised to do so in Syria if Assad falls. Syria has been a Russian client state for 40 years, so big deal if it remains a Russian client state. The big threat to the US is not Russia in Syria, it’s Russia being successful in Syria and replacing the US in influence in the region. We can regain American credibility, by moving to help restore REGIONAL STABILITY

If Assad goes as seems to be the US policy at the moment, there is no plan in place to fill that power vacuum. The Islamic State and radicalized Sunnis will seize control. Our policymakers have offered nothing that makes any sense at all.

Now we could talk to Putin like sane people and come up with a real plan to defeat ISIS as the Russians push them eastward toward Iraq. Then after some stability and order is restored in Syria and Iraq, international pressure could be brought to bear from Brussels to deal with Assad. The Russians might be inclined to give up Assad if a Russian-friendly government is in Syria, international pressure could then promote safe zones and actually make them work in Syria for a return of displaced refugees. And the US and Russia might be viewed as adults on the world stage for a change, instead of treating the rest of the world like pawns in some geopolitical chess game (which the US plays badly btw).

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