White House Played Role in Iran Deal Letter Signed by Former Flag Officers

White House Played Role in Iran Deal Letter Signed by Former Flag Officers.



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3 responses to “White House Played Role in Iran Deal Letter Signed by Former Flag Officers

  1. “I believe they located a retired general who hated me from some issues several years before, where personal letters I wrote ended up at DOA and embarrassed that general and his uppity wife. I believe that SHE through her husband fed false information to this retired general and recruited him to silence me over my comments on the Excite message board, would anyone care?”

    “In the intervening years, I’ve watched online – casually searching this retired general’s name and he’s become a loyal Clinton/Dem mouthpiece to roll out supporting the Dem view on military matters, just another loyal FOB”

    “A lot of effort went into attacking me in my home and then trying to have me locked up permanently. The only place I was talking to people besides close family was on the Excite message boards. People lied to my husband to turn him against me too. Without proof, I can’t publicly name names.”

    The Army rumor mill, relayed to me by my husband, was that americanrommel was forced to retire due to an affair with a foreign reporter, while serving for presidentmendacity in a foreign location, before the impeachment saga. Then impeachment happened and I believe americanrommel was recruited to silence me. Later, presidentmendacity selected americanrommel to serve in that same foreign region, which would have been a security risk due to his previous conduct (IF those rumors were true). I have no proof, but want to get at the truth of what happened and why I was attacked.

  2. JK

    Notably absent among the signers of that letter … Anthony Zinni.

    I wonder why … ?

  3. The name I was looking for is on the list though, let me leave it at that.

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