Never surrender!

To keep things honest, I mentioned my “Messages of mhere” mess on the Dipolomad blog last night and at the American Thinker minutes ago.

The Clintons know, that with this email server scandal, the digging for information will carry on in the right blogosphere, nicely marginalized and contained, but the mainstream press will move on from this scandal.   This email server scandal cauldron of trouble is not a right-wing witch hunt, but just more of the noxious brew of  the woman I think of as thatwitch2016.  She’ll fly her broomstick over Oz, but even though I’m scared of my own shadow, I believe in The Constitution and will never succumb to “Surrender Dorothy” puffs of Clinton hot air.

I have no power or connections to prove my Messages of mhere story, but I feel it’s important for every American to realize that liars and corrupt people should not be entrusted with unchecked power and if my rights don’t count, then yours don’t either.

I still believe that the truth is the most powerful weapon in the world!  And I will never surrender my freedom nor falter when it comes to defending The Constitution and frankly every other American shouldn’t either.


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