The plot thickens

Here’s a report, “FBI Said to Examine Whether Hillary Clinton E-Mail Was Backed Up”, from, which contains an interesting comment:

“Barbara Wells, an attorney for Platte River Networks, a Denver-based company that has managed Clinton’s private e-mail since 2013, said in a phone interview Thursday that the server turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation “is blank and does not contain any useful data.” But Wells added that the data on Clinton’s server was migrated to another server that still exists. She ended the interview when questioned further, declining to say whether the data still exists on that other server and who has possession of it.” (my emphasis)”

Also, read Mr. Jacobson’s, “How did Hillary’s lawyers search a server no longer in her possession”, at Legal, where he provides highlighted timeline discrepancies in statements from David Kendall, long-time Clinton scandal-fixer and lawyer.  Sleight of hand with the Clinton political machine and for any who doubt it, they operate like a crime syndicate, so powerful DC insider hacks will be paraded around to deflect, obfuscate and otherwise stall, impede, and mislead, both the investigators and the American people.  They will attempt to use public opinion polls to rally support for Hillary as the victim again.

My own experience (Messages of mhere tabbed on my homepage), being a nobody homemaker, with no connections, and not being able to get anyone in the press to even listen to me about what happened during the Clinton Impeachment, late ’98 and early ’99, leads me to believe that she will get away with this too.  She will plod along, campaigning, avoiding questions from the press, pretend the investigation is just another right-wing political witch hunt.

I don’t have the connections to prove my story.  I know a lot of crazy crap happened to me during impeachment,  as described in Messages of mhere – the new tree stand by the woods behind my house, positioned to look into my fenced-in backyard, the events as described  – feeling knocked off balance and escalating over weeks to where I felt pressed down and had to fight to stay on my feet, and when I was alone the TV starting flipping channels and one night it flipped to foreign TV, which scared the crap out of me.  Sure, just my crazy imagination.  I kept posting messages on the Excite message boards, mocking the Clinton supporters posting there and as I stated, the writing on those Clinton impeachment threads went from mostly poorly written comments to more polished, professional writing.  After the impeachment saga, this retired general got placed in a high-profile, foreign position, where if he retired suddenly, under the circumstances as the scuttlebutt indicated, it would have made him the last choice, due to – national security implications.  In the intervening years, I’ve watched online – casually searching this retired general’s name and he’s become a loyal Clinton/Dem mouthpiece to roll out supporting the Dem view on military matters, just another loyal FOB

So, while the Washington crowd and mainstream media are just shocked at Hillary’s cavalier handling of our nation’s secrets, I  already knew how far she would go to cling to power, even borrowed power from her husband.  She wears the pants in that family!  So, what if my story is true ( I believe it)? I believe the Clinton sewer rats set out to find out who this annoying “mhere”, the poster on Excite mocking them and making mincemeat of their spin, was.  I believe they located a retired general who hated me from some issues several years before, where personal letters I wrote ended up at DA and embarrassed that general and his  uppity wife.   I believe that SHE  through her husband fed false information to this retired general and recruited him to silence me over my comments on the Excite message board, would anyone care?  I believe she cast me as some dangerous, right-wing zealot, when in fact, I am a zealot ONLY on following the rules and obeying the law!  I have never owned a gun in my life and abhor violence.  I am just a nobody homemaker, who likes taking care of my family, cooking, needlework, gardening, but I am also a news junkie and love reading about military strategy and history too.   My rights as an American citizen should count too and I will never relinquish my right to free speech- EVER!

Anyways, for what it’s worth, from my experience, Hillary Clinton and her clean-up squad are sloppy operators and reactionaries, they peddle in attacking anyone who gets close to exposing HER criminal activity (yes, I said criminal).  The investigators, any judges, Congressional members, the press – all will be attacked as she recruits loyal political hacks to hit the press and airwaves with a scorched-earth campaign that works like the military strategic idea of “swarming”.  To win you need to persistently ignore the stings of personal character attacks and stay calmly, resolutely determined to SPEAK THE TRUTH and never lose sight that the queen bee will eventually destroy herself, but it’s a long, slow, painful road to drag her to justice.


The plot thickens…..


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7 responses to “The plot thickens

  1. JK

    “[D]iscrepancies in statements from David Kendall, long-time Clinton scandal-fixer and lawyer.”

    Don’t have a clue LB whether you revisited Nate’s site and read his Addendum so …

  2. JK

    “Hillary Clinton is in trouble. Really big trouble.”

    “According to the Washington Post, the same prosecutor who took down General David Petraeus for improper possession of classified information is now looking into Hillary Clinton’s email server.”


    VJ-Day incidentally.

  3. JK

    There’s really only one reason I’m posting this link LB. You can decide whether or not to read it (you already know from other stuff what it says) but … well … scroll down.

    • Thanks JK, I’ve been keeping track of the news reports today too, in between spending time with my granddaughters and I tried a new recipe for supper that I found on Pioneer Woman’s website. For those who watch the Food Network, they already know who the Pioneer Woman is, but for you JK, I’ll give you a short bio. Ree Drummond is a rancher’s wife, who loves to cook and take photos and she’s a former city girl too. She started a food blog, her following grew and now she has published cookbooks and she’s been on the Food Network too. Her great photography helped make her blog popular as much as her excellent recipes. I own two of her cookbooks. Yes, I like the cooking, decorating, sewing stuff online as much as the politics:-)

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