Several blasts from the past

Flashback to March 2015, when Hillary Clinton first addressed her private email revelation. Remember the “two separate phones” and “two separate email accounts” rationale for the use of her private email, then the story moved to she used only her private email from her own private server. The story then expanded to her minions also used her private email server and she had her own intelligence gathers sending her intel (Sidney Blumenthal and some former CIA spook). She assured us there was absolutely no classified information ever relayed via her private email server.

Inquiring minds want to know when did she set up this private email server? Where was it located? Who maintained it for her? How many of her minions used it?

Her campaign flunkies have planned another doomed spin gambit with the release of Hillary’s medical and tax records, where they’ll try to spin it that she has nothing to hide and has released more personal information than any other candidate. She won’t answer the questions about her mishandling classified information, or the dozens upon dozens of other questions surrounding her private email server. And that server will never be turned over to Congress or any other authorities. It will be another Rose Law Firm billing records hide and seek game.

I still wonder what records Hillary and Cheryl Mills took from Vince Foster’s office before investigators ever got there. There’s a long trail of unanswered questions, heck, I’ve got my own impeachment story that I want concrete answers of who was responsible for me being attacked in my own home (Messages of mhere, tabbed at the top of my home page). I was writing snarky rebuttals to Clinton hacks spinning the impeachment drama on the Excite message boards (and mocking them).

Ad nauseum alert I’m going to rehash Messages of mhere again:

Every person mentioned in my story exists in real life. Someone higher up had to check out who mhere (I) am and they came across a retired general who hates me from some issues almost a decade before impeachment. I have no proof – in fact, saying you felt jolts that knocked you off balance sounds crazy and then saying it escalated over several weeks, sounds impossible, but it’s true. When I left my house – the feeling disappeared. When I went in my bedroom to wrap Christmas presents, I had to brace my knees against my bed to avoid being knocked to the floor – I have no idea what could have caused that. In fact, I would believe I was nuts, except I know I was attacked and some people have a very distinctive voice – that is how I know I was attacked and I know who attacked me, but I can’t prove a thing. A lot of effort went into attacking me in my home and then trying to have me locked up permanently. The only place I was talking to people besides close family was on the Excite message boards. People lied to my husband to turn him against me too. Without proof, I can’t publicly name names.

I spent 18 days involuntarily locked up in a mental facility and the details of that experience in Messages of mhere is true too. If I had not demanded an attorney, I would have been carted off to a state mental hospital. The psychiatrist called my husband at night to try and convince him I needed to be committed to the state mental hospital. No one in this mental health facility even told me there was going to be a hearing.  As a law-abiding citizen, who doesn’t have so much as a speeding ticket on my record and even though most assuredly the statute of limitations is long past for most of the crimes committed against me, my intention in rehashing this old story is that I want the truth exposed and I want every person involved exposed. When I decided this was shortly after I began this blog (January 2013), I read an article where James Carville, big cheese Clinton sewer rat himself, squealed with moral indignation about the inhumane Clinton haters. The gross hypocrisy and all the years of feeling voiceless made me decide that no matter how long it takes or how many set-backs I endure – someday I am going to expose all of the people involved in attacking me.  My husband was an active duty soldier getting ready to retire – he served in Grenada and Desert Storm and someone(s) sent a retired general to attack me.  Someone sent him and I want to know who. I believe Army assets were used in that attack right here on American soil. Posse comitatus anyone…

Never fear, I will suck it up and move on to other news now.


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2 responses to “Several blasts from the past

  1. JK

    Welcome to “The Club” LB.

    But it’s nothing like “Club Med” as you’ll Never see either Kinnison or Robert commiserating.

    “Some care about many things” *most care about very few things* and whatever “care” there is, its individual – generally a Federal pension of some sort. VA directly or a Union-Protected.

    Scott Walker gets a big draw from people who admired his *takedown of Wisconsin’s Public Service Unions” … Anybody care to venture what’ll be happening if Scott Walker gets a chance to take on Mitch McConnell’s and John Boehner’s supported Federal Unions?

    Reckon it’ll be anything like Reagan taking down the Air Traffic Controllers?

    Anybody care to buy shares in a bridge project … ?

  2. Robert

    LB, as a newcomer to your blog, I didn’t know of these things in your life. Hopefully truth will emerge.

    JK…can you clear this up for me:

    “But it’s nothing like “Club Med” as you’ll Never see either Kinnison or Robert commiserating”.

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