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This morning I had a doctor’s appointment and decided to drop off a box I had in the back of my car at the Goodwill, which is near my doctor’s office. Then I decided to stop by Dollar Tree, which is also nearby, and look around. When I was checking out I told the cashier I think my decluttering plan needs more work. I went to the Goodwill to get rid of junk, then I went to Dollar Tree and bought more junk… At least it was under $10.

Okay, this is going to be a long politics post and I’ll probably be writing mostly politics posts for a bit. I’m not buying into the Dem/liberal media spin hysteria that the raid on Trump’s home was because of some “urgent” national security threat pertaining to Trump allegedly having classified information in boxes, which necessitated this dramatic FBI raid. I will never be a die-hard Trump supporter, so of course, I realize Trump might have classified documents, even highly classified ones. I also know Trump lies a lot, so I try to look for facts. I’m using some of my tweets in this post, to save some time.

I believe what’s going on in this episode of Dem/liberal media Spin Theater is not only about the J-6 hearing, but also trying to incite and demonize “MAGA Republicans.”

Sorry that part of this tweet thread has the same tweet twice, but the entire thread won’t copy and paste, and the last tweet keeps copying two tweets at a time.

This issue of a president’s ability to declassify and what steps he needs to take to declassify information has never been put to any tests – despite what all these liberal experts on CNN and MSNBC wax on about. The president has unique powers in the executive branch under our constitution, so we’ll have to see how that plays out.

The actual details of the documents aren’t even publicly known and the actual process of reviewing those documents and assessing their classification status has not been completed yet, so all the liberal media hyperventilating about “nuclear documents” is spin being fed to the media from inside the Biden administration:

From the Clinton email scandal, I remember reading information about how it’s not just a matter of determining whether information is classified or unclassified. Information could have been marked classified, but is no longer classified and vice versa, information can be up-classified now, that was not classified originally. Plus, there are the different levels of classified information. And of course this issue of a president’s power to declassify has never been tested.

Yesterday, some liberal media people were on a spin effort to create more Trump drama, going on and on about how dangerous Trump was for wanting to declassify some highly classified information that alarmed intelligence officials. The president has the power to declassify any information he chooses, not intelligence officials. It’s been amazing to me that the liberal media and anti-Trump people worked so hard to impede and obstruct every decision Trump made. Here’s an example of that and my quote tweet:

I have been quoting liberal media sources and official government reports on my Twitter quote tweets with facts. I am using their own words to show they’re either ill-informed about their own reporting or deliberately lying to generate anti-Trump hysteria. And that’s what I want to get into here.

One of my sons today told me liberal Twitter was full of talk about something called “stochastic terrorism,” another made up bunch of liberal bullshit.

I believe Dems are deliberately trying to stoke right-wing anger and incite outrage, so they can use any incident of violence as justification for silencing the right. I believe Dems are setting the staging to start cracking down on First Amendment free speech rights.

Last week President Biden convened a meeting with historians & they were there to talk about the potential for “civil war”:

One of those historians at this meeting was Michael Beschloss, who is very active on Twitter and he leaps to retweet every stupid Dem spin line, plus he appears on cable news frequently. He was one of the idiots who spun up the drama over Melania’s Rose Garden renovation and blabbing that it was an “authoritarian design.”

Melania had convened a group of experts, funding for the renovation was done with private donations and she wanted to go back toward the Jackie O original design. When this original Twitter/liberal media spin attack about the Rose Garden started there were even crazy liberals ranting that her new design used only white roses and was “racist.” Those white roses are John F. Kennedy roses… That’s how crazy things are with the conspiracy theory rabbit holes (and yes, there are plenty of those on the right too).

Just to demonstrate that this is orchestrated to drum up “fear of a civil war” and dangerous MAGA people – here’s Beschloss again:

Trump dishes out attacks too, but there’s been a widespread Dem/liberal media/ big tech (and NeverTrumper) #Resist effort, to do everything possible to first delegitimize his presidency, using any means necessary, but also to demonize and marginalize his supporters. Some of the anti-Trump derangement has been cruel and so crazy that it’s stunned me:

In another post I’ll rehash some of the ways the Hillary email investigation was handled so differently than a FBI raid on her home, but for this post I wanted to share this information about “stochastic terrorism” and how I believe this bullshit will be used to silence people on the right – labeling them as terrorists or as “inciting” terrorism.

As a reminder, a few days ago I mentioned the FBI bulletin listing American Revolution symbols as indicative of potential right-wing terrorism and FBI director, Wray played dumb about that when he testified in front of Congress last week. I use the Liberty Bell in my blog name, lol.

I have taken issue with FBI director, Wray, making excuses for Antifa a couple years ago and insisting it’s not an organization, so the FBI didn’t track them. This is total bs., because the US has tracked Al Qaeda and other radical Islamist groups for decades now and Al Qaeda and most of these jihadist groups aren’t typical hierarchical organizations either. The US government has spent a fortune studying how to track these types of groups and Islamist-inspired terrorists, since 9/11. There’s also a lot of research into leaderless and decentralized organizations. The book, The Starfish and the Spider, by Ori Brafman, explains a lot of different types of those organizations, beyond terrorists, and it’s an interesting read. If a homemaker, like me, can easily find this information, assuredly the crack experts at the FBI can too, then again they have experts like Peter Strzok… And as an aside, somehow the FBI always tells us they were aware of a jihadist terrorist, after an attack here in the US, but then say the “motive” is unknown.

In the recent attack on Salman Rushdie, by a radicalized young man, whose mother said he came back from a long trip to the Mid-East changed, law enforcement was still saying the motive in unclear. Same PC law enforcement response, as usual, with Islamist terrorist attacks.

Wray was completely focused on right-wing domestic violence, even when BLM and Antifa were rioting in cities across America. AG Barr broadened the focus to track extremism of all persuasions. With the urgency of the “threat” Trump posed with these boxes of documents in a storage room at his home, Garland pondered the matter for weeks and Wray cut out of a Congressional hearing early on a Friday, to take a weekend vacation, despite knowing they had a FBI raid planned to deal with the “urgent Trump threat” on Monday morning.

Yes, this really is quite a Dem/liberal media clown show, but it’s very serious. Millions of Americans could find their First Amendment rights infringed upon under the guise of “provoking a civil war.” And be assured, the people who decide which speech needs to be silenced won’t be anyone on the right.

I ordered Mark Levin’s book, American Marxism, a few days ago and want to start reading it. I have Jonah Goldberg’s book, Liberal Fascism, but he appears to suffer from TDS, in my opinion, and buys into all of the Dem/liberal media anti-Trump spin smear attacks automatically. That said, it is a good book.

Note: 8/17/2022, 8:11 am – I did some editing and added a few lines this morning. The hypocrisy and “rules for thee, but not for me” attitude among so many of the liberal elites always stuns me. I’d like to see someone ask Juliette Kayyem, who wants to silence “MAGA Republicans” and take away their rights, her opinion of the secret memo her husband, David J. Barron, wrote when he was in the Obama Administration. He was the author of the secret memo that Obama used as the foundation for drone striking American citizens. From Wikipedia:

“In 2009, while on leave from his faculty position, Barron rejoined the Office of Legal Counsel as Acting assistant attorney general. In 2010, he authored a secret memo which provided the legal foundation for President Obama‘s unprecedented decision to order a drone strike on Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen who was a radical Islamic militant living in Yemen.[5] Barron’s memo was described by The New York Times Editorial Board as “a slapdash pastiche of legal theories—some based on obscure interpretations of British and Israeli law—that was clearly tailored to the desired result.”[6]

#6  The New York Times Editorial Board (June 24, 2014). “A Thin Rationale for Drone Killings”The New York Times. Retrieved November 18, 2015.”

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