The Biden oil spill just spread

There’s a Washington Free Beacon article today, Biden Sold a Million Barrels From US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China-Owned Gas Giant, that made me wonder where on earth the liberal mainstream media is. They aren’t reporting on the Biden administration sending oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve overseas – to our adversaries.

“Biden’s Energy Department in April announced the sale of 950,000 Strategic Petroleum Reserve barrels to Unipec, the trading arm of the China Petrochemical Corporation. That company, which is commonly known as Sinopec, is wholly owned by the Chinese government. The Biden administration claimed the move would “address the pain Americans are feeling at the pump” and “help lower energy costs.” More than five million barrels of oil released from the U.S. emergency reserves, however, were sent overseas last month, according to a Wednesday Reuters report. At least one shipment of American crude went to China, the report said.”

Surprise, surprise, the article goes on to state that Hunter Biden has ties to Sinopec: : “In 2015, a private equity firm he cofounded bought a $1.7 billion stake in Sinopec Marketing. Sinopec went on to enter negotiations to purchase Gazprom in March, one month after the Biden administration sanctioned the Russian gas giant.” The corruption with this is so grotesque and unconscionable, considering millions of Americans are struggling to pay these high gas prices and rapidly climbing inflation at the grocery store. This is wholesale public corruption that demands an investigation.

The liberal media instead is gearing up for a J-6 committee hearing that’s being scheduled for prime time. There’s not even any facade of being objective reporters among the liberal media anymore – they are just part of the Democratic Party communications operation.

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