Entering the leftist ideological realm

Last night I started a new book and it pained me to spend money on this – COVID-19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab. I also bought the follow-up – The Great Narrative (The Great Reset Part Two). I ordered kindle versions, because they were cheaper and I don’t care about having hard copies of these in my book collection. I bought them because I have heard Schwab’s name tossed around right-wing media and social media with ominous warnings about “The Great Reset,” but I want to try to understand the ideas and ways they intend to structure this remaking of the post-Covid world. Hearing alarming phrases tossed about doesn’t really provide any understanding of what ideas underpin this Great Reset plan or their umbrella of policy proposals to reorder the global system, so I want to get a better understanding myself.

What prompted me to read Schwab’s books is with the populist backlash by the farmers in the Netherlands and seeing how quickly that populist anger is spreading to Germany, Poland and even Italy now, well, it’s bound to come here to America too – probably sooner rather than later. In fact, it was set to explode earlier this year following Canada’s efforts to crackdown on the trucker’s protests and both Trudeau and Biden enacting Covid policies targeting truckers who cross the US-Canada border. What interrupted the US trucker protests was Russia invaded Ukraine and then all eyes pivoted to that hotspot. Despite that short reprieve, I expect protests like what happened in Canada earlier this year and what’s happening in Europe now to hit US shores soon too.

After reading only a small portion of Schwab’s book, it’s obvious to me he takes a systems analysis approach and I like studying systems too. Before Schwab coined this “The Great Reset,” globalists have been tossing these sorts of ideas among the elites, like the Davos crowd and in ivy-league academic circles for decades. Giving old globalist ideas a fresh look with bright new terminology and catchy phrases doesn’t ever really change the globalist structure underneath, so I’m expecting a lot of the same old globalist ideas gussied up in shiny new terminology. I presume the second part is the narrative that’s being proposed to sell “the great reset” ideas and policies.

On my blog I’ve written about the spin information war for years and it seems obvious that the spin information war is going to remain, not only the American partisan political battlefield, but the main battlefield for the larger global ideological war. I expect many efforts to silence voices opposed to the globalist agenda (the green agenda is a huge front of the globalist agenda), to target and try to silence right-wing and more populist voices in America. I expect populist sentiments will intensify as ordinary people feel their livelihoods threatened and the pain of economic turmoil spiraling out of control threatens more people’s daily lives.

The liberal (mainstream) media has been avoiding giving a lot of attention to the Dutch farmers protesting, while they’re trying to fuel anger about Roe being overturned and hyping the J-6 committee hearings. No one in the liberal media is asking why on earth the Dutch government decided to limit farm production, ostensibly to meet environmental goals, with the war in Ukraine impacting the global food supply and the UN warning of catastrophic food shortages this fall. Why would the Dutch government try to limit food production with a massive global food shortage projected in just a couple months?

This is similar to President Biden releasing oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve, supposedly to lower soaring US gas prices, but then selling millions of barrels of that oil overseas, even to China. Biden has jeopardized American national security by putting our reserves at such a low level and limiting fossil fuel production at the same time.

Nothing makes sense.

Nothing has made sense with how Biden and European leaders have handled the war in Ukraine either. While railing about Russian aggression and Putin’s villainy, European leaders and Biden imposed all sorts of sanction against Russia, but they were still buying massive amounts of natural gas and oil from Russia. At this point the entire Ukraine war effort seems more like a theatrical production by the West and not a serious effort to stop Putin. I suspect Biden and most European leaders would happily bargain away sections of Ukraine, cut a deal with Putin and keep buying Russian gas and oil, all while blathering on about how serious the Russian threat is. The hypocrisy and dishonesty of the Biden administration is breathtaking.

If I learn anything interesting reading these Schwab books, I’ll share it in a blog post. Wish me luck as I plod into the leftist ideological realm… a place I always find oppressive, dystopian and filled with ideas on how to crush individual liberty.

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