I was wrong about Sri Lanka

This blog post is about politics, foreign affairs, and some of my thoughts on the global progressive movement.

Today there are reports that Sri Lankan protestors have stormed the presidential palace, so I think this March 5, 2022 article, In Sri Lanka, Organic Farming Went Catastrophically Wrong, from Foreign Policy is very informative on how the global green agenda led to this chaos, just like it led to the chaos unfolding in Europe with the Dutch farmers protesting their government trying to impose new green laws that fall in line with the global green initiatives.

From the Foreign Policy piece on Sri Lanka, the first two paragraphs lay out what happened:

“Faced with a deepening economic and humanitarian crisis, Sri Lanka called off an ill-conceived national experiment in organic agriculture this winter. Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa promised in his 2019 election campaign to transition the country’s farmers to organic agriculture over a period of 10 years. Last April, Rajapaksa’s government made good on that promise, imposing a nationwide ban on the importation and use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and ordering the country’s 2 million farmers to go organic.”

“The result was brutal and swift. Against claims that organic methods can produce comparable yields to conventional farming, domestic rice production fell 20 percent in just the first six months. Sri Lanka, long self-sufficient in rice production, has been forced to import $450 million worth of rice even as domestic prices for this staple of the national diet surged by around 50 percent. The ban also devastated the nation’s tea crop, its primary export and source of foreign exchange.”

I want to post this, because I did not know about this green push in Sri Lanka and I was completely wrong about saying what happened in Sri Lanka isn’t an indicator of what might happen here, while the Dutch farmer protests are a good indicator. It looks like the menace of the global green movement is at the heart of the problems in Sri Lanka, the Netherlands and the tentacles of the global green movement, with the Biden administration working to supercharge their green policy push in America has already caused gas prices in America to sky-rocket and helped fueled inflation in the retail sector.

The global green movement is a huge part of the global elite progressive movement, but there are other tentacles from the pandemic “trust the science” rules, to the alphabet gender activism, the effort to control information on social media, and in America, there’s a massive progressive push to federalize policing, which President Obama made a top-tier policy goal.

What happened in 2020 with the “Defund the Police” effort was a part of that progressive effort to federalize policing. Every time the left in America demands federal control over issues that constitutionally are state powers, it’s a safe bet it’s another power grab, to hamstring federalism, which is a safeguard against a Big Brother, total federal control over Americans’ lives. That “Defund the Police” effort used a massive spin effort to incite public outrage with the George Floyd case as a cover to destroy local control of policing in America and push for federalizing control of policing.

Along with those big fronts of the progressive movement there’s also a massive, ongoing effort to demonize all traditional civic and religious values.

It’s total insanity fueled by epic hubris. These global elitists who fly into Davos, fund and run these big, progressive foundations and think tanks, I think, believe they’re the smartest, most enlightened people in the world. Almost every “trust the science” Covid mitigation effort now has failed to work as promised by the “experts”- especially the remote learning, when schools closed their doors.

For many years, I’ve believed that protecting and bolstering federalism in America will be our best storm surge barrier against these massive waves of global progressive policies crashing against our constitutional republic framework. And that’s why working to build even small pockets of community, especially local community, matter so much. As these insane global progressive policies create more and more chaos, the wealthy globalist elites sound confident that their big ideas will prevail. There’s often a dismissive tone about ensuing chaos their policies cause, like the collapse of some governments, wars, anarchy, and famine. It often sounds to me like many of these progressives believe these problems will be transitory and just growing pains that are worth the cost.

They believe their massive, complex global systems, will prevail and then people all over the world will submit to their new ideas and new ways of living in this new imposed “equitable and sustainable” paradise. At the heart of this is a belief in global governance managed by a bunch of elites.

The inherit vulnerability with large and overtaxed, complex logistical systems applies to progressive globalist movements just as it does to militaries. In military systems, if you overtax your supply system, small guerilla groups will be able to function, while the military reliant on a failing complex supply chain will lose its effectiveness.

In a totally lawful and peaceful effort, I believe working to build local communities and then networking with like-minded people around the country can allow ordinary Americans to share, barter and sell food and other items that become hard to find as the big supply system we’re used to hiccups and sputters. Building local community also provides a social support network, along with people to turn to in emergencies. A national hotline number to call is useless if you’re facing a personal or local emergency situation. You want people who are nearby, know the area, and can pool local resources quickly.

Simple systems always have a resiliency that complex systems lack, is my belief.

Yes, I’ve been reading more Klaus Schwab crapola… oh my word, it’s a dreary slog.


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5 responses to “I was wrong about Sri Lanka

  1. JK

    Wow. Just … W.O.W.

    T.h.e. G.r. e. a. t. R.e. s. e. t.. The Great Reset.

    Doggone. Never thought I’d ever do that. Or rather more precisely, type that. So what the heck – The New World Order. Davos. The Bilderbergs (or whatever “they” call it. Funny I can’t remember if the Bilderbergers are a Ridiculous Right or a Loony Left conspiracy theory).

    But then again I never considered “my elected *representative government” would be loading up multiples of gigantic tankers with anything that, up to this moment (or weeks as the case may be) At any rate, anything formerly called “Strategic” and shipping such “strategic” to far off places like China.

    What’s next? Oh probably nothing much.

    Just probably emptying out Cheyenne Mountain of its contents, running all that stuff by rail to a port, loading it up on a boat and shipping the Strategic Air Command to China.

    Just think of all the coal and natural gas and global warming costs our government “can save us” by not having to produce so much energy in summer air conditioning and winter heating by the Grand Strategists of Washington DC removing itself to an underground bunker.

    Geniuses. The whole lot of them. Left and Right.

    Hey and NSA if you’re reading this? How’s about moving ALL of the national media to Area 51?

    • JK, Nothing would surprise me at this point. Some of our politicians, pundits and assorted media gurus wrapped themselves so tightly in Ukrainian flags, that I think it cut off oxygen to their brains. Even some Republican elected peeps rushed to the microphones to demand we give Zelensky everything he asks for, without taking a few moments to gather info on the level of our own stockpile, how much is prudent to keep stockpiled, how long it takes to manufacture more to replenish our stockpile. It’s like no one learned anything in the 20 years of military adventurism in the ME and Afghanistan, but instead they’re racing to see who can saber-rattle the loudest.

      Biden and Western leaders aren’t nearly as serious about this economic/proxy war as Putin is. It’s been a whole lot of big talk, but Putin has heard cha-ching, as they’re still buying Russian gas and oil.

      And, yes I supported aiding Ukraine and see the real threat if Putin was allowed to just steamroll through with no resistance from the West, but most of the European leaders and Biden would happily bargain away portions of Ukraine to end this rather than having to deal with being on the receiving end as Putin counterattacks in the economic war – just as winter approaches. Germany just now decided to reactivate coal power plants… The US, Germany and other European countries are still buying Russian oil and gas… What a bunch of nitwits.

      • JK

        To you’re whole first paragraph – Yup. This ” … without taking a few moments to gather info on the level of our own stockpile, how much is prudent to keep stockpiled, how long it takes to manufacture more to replenish our stockpile. It’s like no one learned anything in the 20 years … ” especially!

        “As we have evolved as a species, other reactions developed past these Upper-Paleolithic instincts of Homo Sapiens. Indeed, in the modern evolution of Homo Bureaucraticus, scapegoating and blame-shifting have sadly become more common through natural selection.”


        But then too this “Some of our politicians, pundits and assorted media gurus wrapped themselves so tightly in Ukrainian flags, that I think it cut off oxygen to their brains. Even some Republican elected peeps rushed to the microphones to demand we give Zelensky everything he asks for ..”

        “People used to point and laugh when Congress would buy dozens of worthless tanks just to prop up General Dynamics,” said Senator and fanatical war hawk Lindsey Graham. “With this new missile, we’ll bankrupt our country before China can even blink.”

        Now what that came from some might describe as satire but lately I’m personally not so sure. But judge for yourself:


  2. This could turn into quite an epic catastrophic blunder, by failing to make finding alternative fossil fuel sources the #1 economic war priority. If you start imposing sanctions, expecting to cripple another country’s economy, yet remain reliant on that very country for critical energy needs in your own, then do nothing to rapidly act to defend your country from retaliation, well, you’ve failed to protect your country. Instead so many of these European leaders and the Biden administration are so invested in these green energy delusions, that they don’t seem to realize the very real peril their countries are in and it’s been just foot-dragging and looking for rainbows and unicorns to save them.. Putin’s likely to try to make this a very cold, dark winter in Europe.

    • JK

      Sanctions have never worked at scale. We’ve had Iran sanctioned since what, 1979? Except notably for a very brief weekend (back when “palletloads” of US Benjamins ferried by US C-17s & C-5s got airlifted in and royally pissed off the neighbors).

      And all this time since 1979 who has the neighborhood – from the Israelis to the Saudis to well, us actually, the US – viewed as “an existential threat”? Answer – Iran.

      And those; as you’ve so deliciously described, “green energy delusions”? Well Libertybelle you ain’t the only one’s “making hay” (so to speak) on just how delusional the expert class actually is:


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