Dutch farmers protests and the green push

This is going to be a short post.

Dutch farmers continue to protest the government’s new laws that limit nitrogen emissions and allow the government to confiscate farmland. There have been reports that Dutch fishermen have joined the Dutch farmers protest and that German farmers are supporting the Dutch farmers protest.

This has echoes of the Canadian overreach with forcing vaccines on truckers and the ensuing truckers protests.

While events that happen in unstable countries like Sri Lanka aren’t a good indicator about what might happen here in the US, events happening in Europe, Canada, Australia are good indicators, I think.

The Netherlands is the #2 agricultural exporter in the world, so their government trying to limit food production at the same time the UN is warning about massive global food shortages begs the question of why now? Why would the Dutch government try to limit food production to push the green agenda?

There’s a lot of speculation within the right-wing online sphere that this Dutch government action is part of a global green energy plan to deliberately create shortages and force people to consume less. Strange things are happening with the green movement and the global elites who are pushing all of the green agenda, but I don’t have solid information to tie everything floating around the right-wing online echo-chamber in a neat bow. I still have seen no solid evidence connecting the food storage fires in the US and then linking them to a larger plot. One bizarre green agenda thing, in the past few years I’ve come across many articles pushing eating insects as better for the environment than eating meat. I don’t want to eat bugs.

If this sort of unpopular government actions to shut down workers/destroy people’s livelihoods spreads, the potential for massive chaos, civil unrest, economic turmoil, and widespread shortages leading to governments teetering and collapsing, even in the free world, is a real possibility. That could create a tidal wave of global chaos. I hate to sound alarmist, but that’s how I see this situation. After the pandemic government overreaches in the US, Europe, Canada and especially in Australia and New Zealand many people in the free world are fed-up with rules that make no sense and that undermine people’s very ability to work and provide for their families. There’s a real potential for massive populist uprisings in the free world.

It’s worth noting the mainstream liberal media in the US hasn’t rushed to send reporters to the Netherlands to report on the Dutch farmers protesting and their coverage has been very limited. Pay attention to how much the liberal media in America tries not to report on people protesting against green policies and if they start to portray the farmers as terrorists or subversives, like they did with the Canadian truckers.

That’s the post – I definitely encourage everyone to keep preparing, so you have food, water, medicine and supplies stocked up to keep your home running in case shortage situations worsen or there are some other problems. Pay close attention to how things play out in Europe.

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