Why mention Trump, when Dems are in power?

A few thoughts to add:

My blog post today is too long and rambling, yes, I know that.

My blog post, by mentioning Trump’s spin corruption along with the vast Dem corruption might sound like both-side-ism, since Trump is out of office and Biden and the Dems are in power. So, here goes with why I mentioned Trump’s spin antics too, even though the Dem corruption is so much more widespread and organized That January 6th rally which turned into mayhem at the Capitol was fed by Trump’s corrupt “Stolen Election” spin effort, as much as the Dems “Trump-Russian Collusion” hysteria was corrupt fevered spin crap to stop Trump’s inauguration and when that failed it turned into 4 years of relentless spin attacks to wreck Trump’s presidency.

I don’t believe two wrongs make a right, but unfortunately in politics we seem to keep getting the same bad choices.

Here’s the difference I see between Trump’s spin corruption and the vast Dem/liberal media/big tech spin corruption. Trump doesn’t have a vast mass media spin machine. He doesn’t have thousands of media and partisan activists and operatives who will jump into action to spin up a narrative or create massive spin distractions.

Trump had his own sideshow antics, his own personal Twitter account, and the bully pulpit of the Office of the President for 4 years. He had a willingness to thwart rules, norms and had no interest in the legality or morality of his actions. He also enthusiastically engaged in vicious name-calling spin attacks and petty smears, that were on par with the Dem/liberal media character assassins. He now has much less media spin firepower, but Dems and the liberal media machine fear him, because he’s effective and as willing to use fair means or foul to win as they are.

Trump also does not have and likely never will build a vast, corrupt media spin enterprise like the Dems, liberal media and big tech elites are running, because of his own one-man show personality and his ingrained habit of playing his own team members against each other. What Trump does have is millions of Americans who would take the Trump economy and policies over the Biden debacle and millions of Americans, who are sick to death of the Dem power grabs and infringing on Americans’ personal freedom, under the guise of public health measures to fight Covid. I am right there too.

The Dem/liberal media/big tech corruption is of a magnitude Trump could only dream of possessing and with Dems currently in control of the White House and Congress, it’s a much more pressing concern in my estimation. And since their effort is definitely aimed at targeting Trump supporters or people who won’t go along with liberal ideologies and edicts, most people on the right (myself included,) naturally look to the opposite partisan side to counter the one we disagree with.

Here’s where I part company with many on the right, I am against the use of corrupt spin information war and public corruption – whichever direction it’s coming from. It’s about more than am I for politician X or politician Y; it’s about believing in supporting the rule of law, equal protection under the law and that we operate demanding one set of standards for all of our elected officials.

My views on this blog have a very small reach, but since I pay for this WordPress account, I feel like putting my two cents in.

I hope more Americans start thinking as Americans rather than placing themselves in partisan boxes and feeling like they have to choose red pill or blue pill constantly.

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