Free speech, eh?

I intended to write about another topic today, but here’s what I’ve gleaned from some things I’ve seen circulating in the news media in the past few days.

  1. I don’t know what information to believe about what’s happening in Ukraine, what the Russians are doing or whether they intend to invade.
  2. After the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle last year, I have ZERO trust in anything the Biden White House or Austin-run Pentagon say and this lack of trust in the Pentagon leadership leaves me feeling very concerned about America’s national security.
  3. I also have ZERO confidence in President Biden or this Pentagon leadership ability to wage any military action – ANYWHERE. I do not trust them or their competency. Period.
  4. While I truly was repelled by many of Trump’s spin antics and petty smear campaigns, I know many Trump supporters. I voted for Trump last year out of total fear, after watching the woke crowd that was running the Biden campaign and how they kept Biden out of view, rolled him out with Potemkin-type staging and had him read prepared statements on mostly COVID preaching. His appearances had the aura of hostage videos – he was just a stage prop for an Obama-led spin con game, I thought.
  5. The overwhelming majority of Trump supporters are decent, hard-working, patriotic Americans, yet the liberal media and Dems have spent years stereotyping them as knuckle-dragging, racist, stupid deplorables, who should be exiled from polite society.

Ukraine and the Freedom Convoy in Canada seem like the two top tier news stories to me today. I saw news yesterday, that a truckers protest will be starting in the US, next week.

The Ukraine situation has some foreign policy implications for the US and NATO, but I don’t see any need for the WWIII kind of alarmism some in the news media drum up. Where I am more concerned, as I wrote yesterday, is with the domestic turmoil here at home and the deepening partisan divides.

That brings me to what the Canadian Justice Minister said yesterday:

I looked for a mainstream media link, but didn’t see any. Perhaps the mainstream (liberal) media didn’t cover it much, so here’s Breitbart covering it. The way liberal media and conservative media decide what news to cover is a whole other can of worms, but suffice it say, although liberal media wasn’t covering Trudeau’s “emergency powers,” I feel completely confident in saying sleazy, corrupt Democrat lawyers, the Biden White House and the Obama crowd certainly are following every single detail, taking notes, and looking for loopholes in American law to attempt something just like that here in America.

I didn’t know how to explain why what’s going on in Canada should concern Americans when I wrote my blog post, Time to expose the wholesale public corruption, yesterday. What’s happening with the Freedom Convoy and the massive effort by American leftists and the liberal news media to smear those Canadian truckers as terrorists, Nazis, white supremacists, etc. is exactly how the American left, from Democrat politicians, to the liberal media, to big tech platforms, to the Biden WH, to the Austin-run Pentagon have worked to smear Trump supporters as dangerous subversives. Heck, even the Canadian Justice Minister is labeling Trump supporters in Canada as a “threat” and looking to freeze their bank accounts.

Honestly, Trump’s ill-conceived “Stop the Steal Election” rally, which turned into a disgraceful mob attack on the Capitol handed Democrats and the liberal media ammunition with which to paint all Trump supporters and conservatives. So, there is that one event, which has provided cover for all sorts of Dem efforts to use a broad-brush approach to identifying right-wing extremists.

There are also lots of loud, flamethrowers within the Trump pundit crowd, who are constantly reacting with rage, talk of civil war and other over-the-top rhetoric. People can say what they want, I’m just stating how I see the present situation in America.

And assuredly, the Russians have plenty to gain by throwing gasoline on the American internal divides and fueling this growing domestic divisiveness. A lot of foreign countries actively engage in a variety of info war efforts in America, to fuel divides in America.

Heck, for decades, the Soviet dream was to incite a race war in America, but now we have the homegrown BLM aspiring toward that goal… And, yes, I believe the founders (self-proclaimed Marxists) are subversives and I do not support the BLM movement. I didn’t support protests that turned into rioting to the tune of billions of dollars in property damage, several deaths, burning down a police station in Minneapolis, wanton destruction of public property and tearing down statues. I didn’t consider these actions as “mostly peaceful” nor will I ever support or make excuses for violent protests. I also don’t try to make excuses for the people who damaged property and attacked the Capitol police on Jan. 6th.

All of these things taken together make me concerned with where the continuing left vs. right divides will lead our country.

The most extreme social mitigation efforts Democrat officials and federal health officials embraced came from foreign countries, who had enacted them first. Masks and lockdowns – China, releasing prisoners – Iran when they lost control of some prisons, digitally tracking individuals’ movements – South Korea and on it goes.

There is no way Democrats or the Biden White House, which has championed Trudeau’s crackdown and joined in smearing the Freedom Convoy protesters, would pass up an opportunity to crush Trump supporters. These are the same people who had no qualms with labeling Americans who chose not to get the COVID vaccine as a threat to the public and tried to use every power possible to ruin their lives.

Trudeau’s invoking their emergency act and his government’s bare-knuckle tactics to crush the Freedom Convoy, leave me wondering how quickly the Biden crowd and other Democrats will have their liberal media friends spin up overblown narratives about the American truckers protest being planned and Americans, who support them. And all it takes is one ill-conceived or violent incident by right-wing group to provide the Biden administration cover to try some draconian measure of freezing people’s bank accounts and assets, like Trudeau has done.

Lots of people think, these sorts of tyrannical government moves can’t happen here, but the power of the liberal media spin machine to create false narratives, generate massive smokescreens and tirelessly do slash and burn smear campaigns is equaled only by their willful blindness to Democrat corruption. On the right, the conservative media runs wild with a whole lot of reactionary, overwrought, Trump-centric drivel and incitement. I don’t see much in the way of even-handed news reporting these days and the little that there is is drowned out by cable news networks’ prime time pundit line-ups and the vast amount of minute-by-minute social media melodrama – especially Twitter, where the American journalists and pundits hang out.

All I know is our right to free speech sure seems like it’s going to be put to the test very soon.

Truly, I was hoping to write a more cheerful and hopeful post today, but I must say what’s happening in Canada kind of surprised me. Trudeau decided to try to crush the Freedom Convoy protesters with every bit of power he could muster – no half-measures. Americans who are aligned with the political right and/or conservative should be sitting up and taking notice.

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