Fears and worst fears

After two years of the mainstream media and Dems breathlessly reporting that, this time really is “the beginning of the end” of Trump’s presidency, perhaps Robert Mueller might be winding toward the end of his Russian interference in 2016 investigation.  These #Resist spin mouthpieces have set the stage for massive unrest among the #Resist loyalists, if Mueller fails to deliver the blow that fells Trump’s presidency.  Some sort of consolation prize, “he acted corruptly, but not enough to warrant a criminal prosecution”, will not satisfy their thirst for Trump to be vanquished from the public square.

With Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, striking a plea deal with Mueller’s team and recent revelations about Trump actively pursuing a Russian real estate deal for a Trump Tower Moscow, in 2016, as he was at the same time running for president, it’s clear Trump lied repeatedly, when he claimed he had no dealings with Russia.  How far up and how deep were Trump’s Russian ties remains unclear, but Trump admitted to and airily dismissed the efforts to make a real estate deal with Russia in 2016.

The revelation of the Cohen assertion about a Trump/Russia deal effort in 2016 and Trump’s response to that assertion explains everything about how Trump operates.  He follows the same spin playbook as the Clintons – deny, when lies are exposed dismiss, deflect and project back at your accusers.  Trump has mastered Hillary’s “victim of a political witch hunt” spin game and it’s still working for him with his loyal followers.

Regardless of what facts Mueller’s investigation exposes, the Trump Spin Force  will automatically dismiss, deflect and defiantly delegitimize Mueller’s report and findings as nothing more than a partisan witch hunt.

If these two sides, readying for an epic spin battle, aren’t enough, there’s also the House Republicans waging one more, last-ditch effort, to uncover the facts surrounding the Comey FBI and Obama top intelligence people embracing the Steele dossier, a Clinton & DNC funded opposition research effort, despite being unable to independently verify it.  It seems likely the House Republicans also have some questions for Comey regarding his handling of the Clinton email and Foundation pay-to-play investigations.

Finally, there are the House Dems compiling a massive investigative schedule to bury the Trump administration in subpoenas and enough negative press to completely immobilize the Trump White House.  While Mueller has remained silent and we still don’t really know what his findings are, the House Dems will be running their “investigations” in the most grandstanding way possible, with the mainstream media aiding and abetting sensationalizing every allegation, no matter how flimsy the evidence.  While Trump laments the Mueller investigation as a “witch hunt”,  the truth is Trump’s about to find out what a real political witch hunt looks like, as the House Dems wage nuclear level spin attacks on him.

While, sometime very soon the media and political pundits expect some sort of massive “shit show”, being the term tossed around frequently, with these many forces at play in this never-ending 2016 scorched earth spin battle, it seems likely to me, America will be in dire straits.   Unchecked, self-destructive, partisan information warfare will leave only smoldering ashes of our decimated political system.  As I’ve warned for years, there will be no winners in America’s epic spin information war… except for America’s enemies.

A personality like Trump, being cornered and perhaps facing “losing bigly”, well, he won’t be graciously stepping down.  As his admirers tout… “he’s a disruptor”, so how far he’ll go, to take down the whole American political system, remains an open question.  My worst fear remains that, if both the massive Trump and massive Clinton 2016 corruption ever get totally exposed, America’s worst nightmare will be Trump and the Clintons uniting to save themselves from ruin.

Sounds crazy, I know, but that’s where I worry America will end up… trapped in spin hell with Hillary and Trump colluding to silence the truth.


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6 responses to “Fears and worst fears

  1. JK

    Just a thought entered my ol’ noggin these recent days … if Mueller can indict Cohen for lying to the Senate shouldn’t he then, “trouble” Comey for not showing up (should Comey not) to honor the House subpoena?

    I’d advise not expecting Mueller to “wind it up” before June soonest.

    • Comey now says he’s showing up and he dropped his legal challenge.

      I don’t know when Mueller will ever wind this up, just gauging that based on the liberal media & Dem mouthpieces anticipatory attitude. Guess, I need to pay more attention to Preet Bharara’s tweets, ’cause he’s like a Mueller barometer, signalling which news media leaks to take note of and which are coming from unknown sourcing.

      The thing with the Mueller team’s investigation of Cohen is that Southern District of New York office has Cohen in their sights too, so it appears there’s a lot of sharing of Cohen information.

  2. JK

    Re Comey – to my mind that’d make sense in that, if now Mueller’s making moves on Congress’ behalf (certainly the one chamber, maybe the lower?) that would probably fuel “misgivings” in the mind of whoever Comey’s lawyer is these days.

    Personally, I don’t pay much attention to who the ‘unknown sourcing’ is, exactly – my suspicion being most likely, members of the punditocracy who, rather than be identified just use their media company access to fuel the narrative. You know the common refrain with those types, “With this much smoke there’s gotta be something there there!”

    Far as Cohen (et al) I see a bunch of lyin’ – not much colludin’.

    The other day I posited here “Where’s” mostly rhetorically – this morning I see that M has a post up – nuggets(?) I dunno – maybe. I never heard of Epoch.

    • The colludin’ spin the Clinton & Dem spinmeisters ran with, I think, was their attempt to use a word that sounds as nefarious as “criminal conspiracy”, but isn’t, um, neither criminal nor a conspiracy. Trump/Russian collusion has been able to captivate their mindless media drones, who race after each and every dangling Russian carrot connection to the Trump campaign without any awareness they’re being led down endless rabbit holes, deeper than any even Alex Jones could dig. “Collusion” provides the Dems the cover to throw all their wild suspicions into the media spin mix, without any of the pesky demands for FACTS, that accusations of a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY would evoke.

      Far as Horowitz & Mueller, it looks like we have the FBI sort of divided into Clinton vs. Trump forces on “investigating” 2016 corruption. Same as when Comey was being pressured by Lynch to deep-six the email investigation, then, as Pelosi & Cummings called them, “the FBI Trump fanboys”, leaked info on the ongoing criminal investigations into the Clinton Foundation and the Weiner laptop. McCabe orchestrated a counter-media leak effort, while Comey, fully expecting Hillary to win, went for the quickie investigation of the laptop, so he could put an official “case closed” stamp on those investigations. No clue what it portends …there was a strange story of a Clinton Foundation whistleblower’s home being raided last week too… https://dailycaller.com/2018/11/29/fbi-whistleblower-clinton-uranium/

      Smells to me like we have a very divided FBI trying to cope with both extremely corrupt campaigns in 2016. Trump and the Clintons are the same animal. Trump’s evasiveness on his taxes and his lying about his now exposed Trump Tower Moscow dealings in 2016 is like watching Hillary’s twin speaking. He repeatedly said he had no dealings with Russia. Now that it has come out, it’s:

      “Against all odds, I decide to run for President & continue to run my business-very legal & very cool, talked about it on the campaign trail…”

      Here again, I suspect that Trump’s life of buying influence and large circle of grifters and crooks he surrounded himself with is exactly the same as the Clintons’ long history of public corruption peddling influence. And there’s the FBI with mountains of FACTS on both of them. I hope for the impossible – that both Trump and Hillary wholesale public corruption gets fully-exposed and America is finally rid of both of them.

  3. JK

    Probably worthy of wider dissemination than it will probably get:


    (Ironic, perhaps, that Vanity Fair was one of the first publications/websites that brought the attention of the world to the Halifax Conference.)

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