The passing of an era

“We can find meaning and reward by serving some higher purpose than ourselves, a shining purpose, the illumination of a thousand points of light … we all have something to give.”

President George H.W. Bush

When I learned that former president, George H.W. Bush, had died, a deep sadness touched my heart.  Of course, it’s easier to accept the death of an ailing 94 year-old man, who had lived an incredible life and who had lost his wife of 73 years, earlier this year.  Still, the passing of this president feels like the door closing tightly on a long ago era in American politics, where Americans both expected and valued personal character and dignified pubic decorum in their president.

Throughout Saturday, I noted the sincere and insincere public outpourings of condolences, the recounted remembrances, and the recitation of President Bush’s life story.  No matter what else people say about his public life, both admirers and critics alike agree, he led a life dedicated to serving others.

After reading and listening to a steady media stream of his life, which invariably follows the death of famous people in America, I came away still convinced that it’s pretty hard to top a life dedicated to serving others as a eulogy.

America needs to remember not only this man’s life; they need to remember his message.


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7 responses to “The passing of an era

  1. JK

    “In our accustomed way” LB meaning putting a ‘more or less’ personal/but open to anybody should,they care to scroll down, comment I kinda figure ‘they’ won’t bother with.

    • JK

      Note at the ending of the ‘threadreader link’ I pasted above Petraeus and Sandy Berger get mentioned for doing what Flynn pleaded guilty to too – except that the latter two, rather than a felony plea got, offers of misdemeanors – and they both took it.

      It’ll take me abit to clean up (omit the citations) and do a clean-text of what Ruth Bader wrote in her concurrence with Scalia, Rehnquist, O’Conner, Kennedy and Thomas, … Souter joining in part. A seven to two decision in other words – remarkably given the subject of the court’s case.

      • JK, I know you are focused on the law part, but I went googling a bit and my thoughts are scattered. Aside from this Flynn matter – Comey was a US Attorney involved in Berger’s case. :

        Hillary was sending & receiving emails on the family homebrew server with disgraced and disbarred Sandy Berger – likely stuff that would be classified:

        “Others could be controversial, such as 2009 messages from former national security adviser Sandy Berger about how to pressure Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over negotiations with Palestinians.”

        Petraeus got off, because he has the same lawyer as the Clintons – David Kendall.

        I know I mentioned this in a blog post before, but it was reported that Petraeus has missing emails too – 1,000 emails between Petraeus and Hillary are missing:

        And to this day, no one, besides Sandy Berger and likely the Clintons know what was in the documents Sandy Berger stole…

        There are assuredly two separate scales of justice in America… one for the Clintons and everyone covering up for them and one for the poor slobs, who are NOT part of the Clintons’ clique.

        Comey threw in his lot with the Clinton machine in July 2016 when he walked out there and publicly exonerated Hillary. He has no choice but to sing her praises now, because he’s a part of the whole Lynch/Clinton 4th of July charade with that interview of Hillary. Still wonder who all was present for that interview. Bill Clinton would not have allowed Hillary to walk into the FBI without a fixer present, who could make sure everyone else fell into line. I stills suspect that the redacted name of a Hillary lawyer in the released FBI report of Hillary’s interview was not Amy Saharia – which would be the missing name compared to the Clinton press release about the interview to the NY TImes. I suspect it was either Bill Clinton, himself or someone like former Attorney General, Eric Holder, who could silence everyone else. Something smells with that whole tarmac meeting to Hillary’s FBI interview on a holiday weekend.

  2. JK

    Golly LB, I keep forgetting you’re capable (and verily) of keeping track of more’n five things at once in that noggin of your’s. Lately I’m having trouble keeping track of two – and one of ’em is usually where’s my first cup of coffee in the morning coming from.

    But yeah if you can (and before I forget it) go ahead and deep-six that comment that’s still in moderation.

    One thing I sure am glad of I have’ta say, I’m happy the C Foundation wasn’t all up and running back when I was still actively chasin’ down threats to national security. They’d made everything else appear to be games of checkers.

    You’re amazing.

  3. JK

    Oh yeah. Don’t know I ever mentioned it but Ups wasn’t (and isn’t) on the shared stuff. He was a submariner – oddly and purely coincidentally as he was nearing retirement his boats provided “protection” for a couple of the surface ships I was just starting out on. We never even had a clue about each other until …

    About eight or ten years ago it happened that a fairly local paper’s comments section didn’t have all the fancy Facebook type “security measures” [what a laugh such an idea as that turns out to be now!] … Anyway we just happened to be regular commentors and I let slip an operational codename which … only very particular somebodies could figure out that, besides the name having to be a Navy thing … it was also a very particularly Navy thing.

    Me’n Ups then commenced to doing some fancy dance-stepping and then three years ago finally figured out we were near enough to each other we could do a face-to-face. We’ve talked some but each of us are still attuned to OPSEC – if we happen to get near something we change the subject.

    “Leaky lips sink” an’ all that we say … too bad not everybody attended Navy dc school. Or the firefighting part of it too.

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