The real winner in 2016 was Putin

Donna Brazile, the long-time Clinton crony, who unscrupulously passed CNN debate questions to Hillary during the 2016 campaign, came out with revelations that have Democrats, political pundits and Trump ranting about how the Clinton campaign controlled the DNC and rigged the Dem. primary against Bernie Sanders.  Brazile claims that the Clinton campaign poured money into the dead broke DNC and she also claims the Clinton campaign controlled the DNC hirings and messaging completely.

None of this is surprising really.  The Clintons tried to “rig” the GOP primary too, but Trump and his followers won’t ever admit that.  A large segment of the mainstream media operated like a PR branch of the Clinton campaign too.  Those Wikileaks leaked emails showed obvious cases of media collusion with the DNC to spread Clinton campaign talking points messaging.

The Clintons were running Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy, trying to paint Bernie as a far-left kook, Trump as a far-right kook, which was supposed to clear the middle for Hillary to prance back into the White House.

The interesting detail, still unknown, is how much the Trump campaign knew about the Clinton campaign’s “pied piper” strategy.  Who taught Trump how to spin, with the relentless repetition of his mindless slogans.  Who masterminded the big Potemkin rallies, to give the visual of massive support?  Did Trump have any communications with his old golfing buddy, Bill Clinton, during his GOP insurgency, beyond the one reported phone call before Trump entered the race?  Were any of Trump’s inner-circle of advisers in contact with the Clinton campaign during Trump’s GOP insurgency?

Once again, Trump received BILLIONS of dollars in free media, much of it from liberal media, not just FOX News, during his GOP insurgency.  That constant drumbeat of messaging selling Trump, like, “he’s winning in all the polls”, “don’t you need to support the winner?”, “Trump’s a great businessman”, “Trump doesn’t play by the rules – he’s great”, sold Trump and it marginalized every other GOP candidate.  The liberal media gave Trump the spotlight, 24/7, during the GOP primary, because they wanted the GOP insurgency to succeed and Hillary to win.  That’s the truth.

Trump was a media manufactured fraud perpetrated on the Republican Party and the America people.

The Clintons not only rigged the DNC against Bernie, they had their friends in the liberal media rigging the GOP primary for Trump too.

However, once Trump had learned how to use spin, especially the scorched earth information warfare, that the Clintons introduced in the 90s, with their “war room”, their pivot, in early 2016, to “Trump the fascist” messaging backfired.  Trump learned to just plow through their messaging and relentlessly counterattack, by taking their messaging attacks and throwing them back at the Dems and the liberal media running the Clinton’s scorched earth, Dump on Trump attacks.  Whenever the media floats a new talking point, Trump neutralizes them by using their messaging as weapons against them.   Trump uses the “fake news” charge constantly and it’s one of his favorite attack lines, but “fake news” was a messaging attack started by the Clintons and liberal media in December 2016, as they were trying to delegitimize Trump’s winning the election.

The liberal media played an instrumental role in the corruption in 2016, so their donning the role of truth-tellers and guardians of reporting facts to keep the public informed comes across as mostly phony.  It’s hard to take someone like Chuck Todd seriously as an objective analyst, when his media collusion with Debbie Wasserman Schultz  was exposed in a Wikileaks leaked stolen email.  He also was a big player in painting Trump as a fascist messaging, which was orchestrated by team Clinton.   A Washington Post reporter has researched every bit of Trump Foundation corruption, in painstaking detail, but he completely ignores Clinton Foundation corruption.  Most of the liberal media glossed over the Clinton email scandal, selling the Clinton talking points to exonerate Hillary at every juncture.   The liberal mainstream media happily sold the Clinton talking point “time to move on”, with little question,  when James Comey presented his bizarre fact-finding presser on Hillary’s email server.  They also glossed over Loretta Lynch’s infamous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton the week before Comey’s caving.

For a retrospective on Hillary’s dishonesty, it’s helpful to look back at her first statements about her private email server, where almost every “fact” she provided was a lie.  Here’s the link to her first press conference explaining her home-brewed private email server:

In this corrupt media environment, the Russians are having a field day leaking stolen emails, to fuel partisan divides, spreading wild conspiracy theories and spin to fuel more divides in America.  Widespread public corruption provides the Russians a target rich environment to run their destabilization operations.  Here is a link to a study, The Kremlin Playbook, which details how the Russians operated their destabilization efforts in Eastern and Central Europe.  They have been using the same playbook in Western Europe and America too.

A large portion of the mainstream (liberal) media is as corrupt and engaged in spreading shameless agitation propaganda and distorted partisan “news”, attacking Trump and towing the Democrats spin, as Fox News is at spreading Trump spin.

In this morally bankrupt vacuum, where the truth and factual reporting take a backseat to advancing partisan agendas, Americans are manipulated and brainwashed constantly.  America’s enemies don’t have to work hard to foment chaos constantly.  It’s exhausting trying to get to ground truth when the spin by American partisans and our enemies’ disinformation create so much confusion and chaos, that on any given day you can watch CNN, MSNBC and FOX News and come away thinking they are reporting on different planets.  You can read Huffington Post headlines and Breitbart headlines to get a taste of the extreme partisanship, but I wonder about how their “reporting” impacts the viewpoints of their readers, who trust their reporting is factual.

The Democrats are in disarray.  The Republicans are in disarray too.

This morning I read a depressing article, A year after Trump’s election, York, Pa., is forever changed, written by Matt Viser,from The Boston Globe,  The story is about how high school students have become extremely politically and racially polarized, behaving like enemy camps in the York County School of Technology, a vocational high school in York, Pa.:

“It’s the kind of place where a simple Trump sign or cardboard cutout is seen by some as a show of pride in working-class values, but by others as a racist affront. Since Trump’s election, York residents have been un-friending one another on Facebook, avoiding one another at grocery store checkout lines, and leaving churches whose pews now feel uncomfortable.

Over the course of dozens of interviews here in recent weeks, it was not uncommon for lifelong residents to tear up when speaking about their community and the once-close ties that are now growing frayed.

The experience at York Tech since Trump’s election — as parents, elected leaders, and school administrators grappled with the fallout from racial outbursts at the school — reflects the uneasiness with which these forces continue to percolate, often just below the surface.

Outwardly, life in York County and its vocational school seems to have returned to something like normal as students settle into a new school year and Trump’s first year winds down. But the class resentments, racism, and xenophobia that became flashpoints during the election have hardened, not healed.”

While Hillary Clinton continues her sorest loser ever campaign and Trump tweets on, the American people get battered 24/7 with endless scorched earth information barrages.

The real winner in 2016 was Putin  The Russians don’t have to work hard to divide and conquer us with the Clintons, Trump and the media in America working tirelessly to that end.

So much “winning”…

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