Flashback to January 2017

Since the election of President Donald Trump the Democrats have been howling about “Russian collusion” and the unprecedented Russian efforts to interfere in our 2016 presidential election.  The mainstream media fixated on the Trump/Russia collusion storyline too, while news stories about Democrat corruption get buried regularly.

So along with the Awan brothers story being ignored by most of the major mainstream (liberal) news organizations, here’s another January 2016 story that received very little coverage in the mainstream media:

Comey: DNC denied FBI’s requests for access to hacked servers

One thing former FBI director, James Comey, is meticulous about is trying to present himself as non-partisan.  So whenever he dumped dirt on Trump or Hillary, he made sure to dump some dirt on the other side.  When Comey, Clapper, and Brennan were trying to hype the Russian collusion story in January, Comey also mentioned the DNC’s hacked computers, which the DNC refused to turn over to the FBI for analysis.  The DNC reported that they hired Crowd Strike to investigate the hack of the DNC servers.

It makes one wonder how Clapper, Comey and Brennan could be so sure who hacked the DNC computer system, in light of the recent revelations about the Awan brothers access to the DNC computer system, courtesy of Debbie Wasserman -Schultz, combined with the Comey revelation in January, that the FBI never had direct access to the DNC servers.

This January news report from The Hill refers to “servers”, which is plural and it harkens back to the Hillary home-brew server, which was really the Bill Clinton personal server for his Clinton Foundation emails.  With Hillary’s “server”, according to the FBI, there were two servers, the first one Bill Clinton’s aide set-up and the second one, Huma Abedin arranged for Clinton campaign IT guy, Bryan Pagliano, to set-up.  Later, Hillary (or her aides) worked out an arrangement with an outside IT company, Platte River Networks, to provide server services for Hillary’s private emails. And according to FBI notes, it was Cheryl Mills (working with Clinton lawyer, David Kendall), who directed Platte River employees to destroy Hillary’s emails on their server system.

The DNC handling of their hacked servers, begs the question – how many servers did they have and where were they housed?  With Hillary’s server, there were a variety of answers as to how many servers and what happened to them.  There was also the glossing over the facts, like Hillary also used a  private email account before switching to using Bill Clinton’s private server in their Chappaqua home.  Hillary, according to the FBI notes, used 13 mobile devices, NONE of which were ever turned over to the FBI and she used 5 ipads, of which 3 were turned over to the FBI.  In the case of Hillary’s “server”, there were at least 2 servers used in the Clinton home and then the Platte River Networks system(s)… in addition to the numerous other devices Hillary used and that’s not counting the numerous aides and Obama officials who emailed Hillary via unsecure private email accounts, including even President Obama.  The FBI Notes of Huma Abedin’s interview revealed that Abedin was shown an email using a pseudonym, from a gmail account, and informed that email was from President Obama.

With so many unsecured servers, private email accounts, personal devices in play, it would seem to me, that you would need to analyze all of them to be able to state with certainty if they were hacked, who hacked them and how many times they were hacked.  Hillary’s email server scandal included multiple servers and devices, so how many DNC servers were there, where were they located and who all had access to them?

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