Awan story is stranger than fiction

Here’s a must read on the Awan brothers case, by Andrew McCarthy:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Pakistani IT Scammers

And just like Huma Abedin with her family’s Muslim Brotherhood connections and Elizabeth O’Bagy and her odd foreign connections, the Awans were able to get security clearances.  Very curious!


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7 responses to “Awan story is stranger than fiction

  1. JK

    Your post LB, placed me in mind of something I’d recalled from “sometime ago” – took me awhile I well admit. Here from October of 2016:

    • Lots of bs by Brennan, Comey and Clapper, I suspect. They conclusively linked the Russians to the leaked DNC/Podesta emails when they released that “new” report in January. They had briefed Obama & Trump about the new report and supposedly Comey informed Trump about the contents of that Steele dossier before it was leaked to the public, by Buzzfeed. That report which Comey, Brennan and Clapper used as the basis for their “new” assessment with the conclusive links was considered bs by some experts. Some claimed they had just repackaged old information.

      This Awan story broke in February, so they all knew this was another potential foreign avenue into the DNC computer, so how they can be so sure, I don’t understand.

      And while I do believe Wikileaks is a Russian front operation, no one has ever released any evidence to prove that and they haven’t released any evidence directly linking the Russians as the source for Assange with these DNC or Podesta emails.

      Then when you throw in that kooky young woman, Reality Winner, who was arrested for leaking classified information to the media , well, it highlights that there are lots of variables in potential suspects for the hacks.

      Comey, Brennan and Clapper sure seemed to cherry pick to feed the Trup/Russian collusion storyline. And Adam Schiff and the Dems all are very aware of the Awan situation, but they have kept silent on that, while beating the drum on Trump/Russian collusion non-stop. The mainstream media has avoided the Awan brothers story too.

  2. JK

    Well … I hope I live long enough (and am coherent enough) that, when all this stuff hits the courts I can manage to make sense of the transcripts.

    (Yeah you can take this as rhetorical LB) but, who in the heck names their kid Reality?

    • JK, you know, somehow in this surreal political charade, her bizarre name and even more bizarre personal politics, makes her a perfect fit for this story. Nothing would surprise me at this point and there’re so many conflicting, changing plot twists and turns every other day, that I doubt anyone can remember all the bits and pieces, as this info war rages on.

      In 2006, my husband and I were driving through west TX, heading to NM to see our son, who was in the Air Force and ready to go to Iraq. We encountered some really thick brownish fog, by this town called Bovina, but even worse was the smell outside. I was talking to my son on my cellphone, telling him about this fog, that was unlike any fog I had ever seen before. He said, “Mom, that’s just shit fog.” It results from so much cow crap getting stirred up, where they have lots of cattle in tight areas, awaiting being stuck on trains.

      Think we are stuck in some really thick shit fog.

  3. JK

    Thanks for the link.

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