More on the WSJ story

This is an amazing story, replete with another Brit, albeit not as salacious as the Steele dossier.   I am sure Robert Mueller’s team will unravel:

The Time I Got Recruited to Collude with the Russians

The author of this piece tells his account of how he was contacted by Peter Smith, the GOP operative, mentioned in the WSJ story.  Here’s this British guy’s bio:

Matt Tait is the CEO and founder of Capital Alpha Security, a UK based security consultancy which focuses on research into software vulnerabilities, exploit mitigations and applied cryptography. Prior to founding Capital Alpha Security, Tait worked for Google Project Zero, was a principal security consultant for iSEC Partners, and NGS Secure, and worked as an information security specialist for GCHQ.




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5 responses to “More on the WSJ story

  1. JK

    Something’s fishy.

    If “Peter Smith” had any Arkansas connection, and “he” had any Republican Party ties, “his name” almost certainly would’ve been available in the archives on this site:

    Background on Arkansas Times:

    (Easy enough to get a grip on the site’s primary partisan audience, just click on any article and read the comments.

    I am not saying the cited guy didn’t exist, or, conveniently I would hazard to add, “expired” but I’ve certainly never heard of any such fellow.)

  2. JK

    Notice the “Peter Smith” is cited as having some connection with what was known here in Arkansas as “Troopergate” Wiki entry here – be interesting to see if the name pops up on the item in the near future (as an edit)

    Have yet to search myself here but, intend to:

    (No need to post my comments LB – I recognize a talented investigator when I’ve seen such in action.)

  3. JK

    Oh well, I’ve been wrong before …

    At any rate, where Arkansas’ Troopers are concerned.

    • Looks like Mr. Smith had a long, lucrative career digging up dirt on the Clintons.

      Interesting thing in that WSJ story is supposedly US intel picked up Russian hackers talking about this Smith guy wanting to buy Hillary’s hacked emails. Someone (Clinton friends or POd intel peeps, I imagine) leaked that info to the WSJ.

      The really interesting perspective is the Steele dossier relied on some Brit, who in turn relied on some Russians to provide him that info. This Smith guy was trying to buy info from Russian hackers. I assume Putin & company are sitting in Moscow enjoying watching this sideshow…

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