Slime & a non Newtonian liquid

There’s only so much “winning” Trump-style and rants about women bleeding that I can take, so I’ll be working more on my needlework and craft stuff.  And hey, I spent Monday afternoon making slime with two of my granddaughters, which was a nice change from listening to a slimebag…

Our pretty bags of slime were made with Elmer’s glue, a little baking soda, contact lens solution and food coloring.  My granddaughters and I could not have cared less about how the recipe works. We were only concerned about the pretty colors we wanted to make, with one asking for pink and the other one wanting purple.

My son, who has a physics degree, showed up as we were making our pretty slime and of course he had to try to turn our fun into a science lesson, so he asked if I had corn starch.  He mixed up cornstarch and water, so he could teach us about a non-Newtonian liquid.   My granddaughters left the kitchen when his science lesson started.   The slime is pretty cool to play with… way cooler than the silly putty we had when I was a kid.  Learning about a non-Newtonian liquid was surprisingly interesting too, even for a science and math-challenged person like me.

And in a strange way, perhaps a non-Newtonian liquid might be the perfect metaphor for Trump, hyped as strong and solid, but really just a bunch of oozing goo if you scratch the surface.

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