More “Russian collusion” innuendo

After Trump’s “mean girl” tweet dominating the news all day, the Wall Street Journal ran a murky “Russian collusion” piece:

GOP Operative Sought Clinton Emails From Hackers, Implied a Connection to Flynn

Supposedly the reporter interviewed the source, Peter W. Smith,  81, identified  as a GOP operative, who allegedly assembled a team to find Russian hackers, who might have possessed Hillary’s emails from her server.

The story states Smith, 81 died on May 14th, 10 days after the WSJ reporter interviewed Smith (that’s just a few days before Robert Mueller was hired as the special prosecutor to investigate the Russia mess).

So, the WSJ has an 81 year-old man, near death as their source for this story, a story they’ve had since the middle of May and sat on, but decided to release it today… to create a Russian collusion headline.  The story also states that Smith offered to make introductions to retired general Mike Flynn, as an inducement to recruit experts to help him in finding Hillary’s missing emails, that might be in the hands of Russian hackers.   Smith stated that he had a line of communication to Flynn.

The story has plenty of innuendo, little in the way of facts nailed down and the source was an 81 year old, who is now deceased.

Make what you will of this latest story, but as for me, I expected better from the Wall Street Journal.

Added note: I should have been clearer, Smith was the only named source… and he’s dead now.

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