Kaine lost, but media biggest loser

There seems to be general consensus that Pence won the VP debate last night and I covered the GOP side in my previous post. Here are the issues with Tim Kaine’s debate performance.  First, he was annoying and obnoxious with his constant interruptions, but that was planned.   The moderator lost control early on and her attempts at control seemed geared to bringing Pence to heel, while Kaine interrupted non-stop and kept barking.  No matter the issue under debate, especially when that issue was Hillary, Kaine’s default response was, “Hey, look a Squirrel (Trump)!”

Trump couldn’t stand not being the center of attention, so he announced he was live tweeting the debate, which he did, throwing out his usual idiotic and pointless commentary.  The mainstream media has a presence on Twitter too, so their mouthpieces were a flutter, tweeting “fact-checking” and ostensibly, insightful commentary.

The problem is the pundits and political writers are so overtly partisan and biased, that their commentary lacks any objectivity.  The mainstream media’s tweeting fixated on dumping on Trump, did nothing to damage Trump, and it made the media look corrupt and totally in the tank for Hillary, which they are.

The media might play along talking Trump 24/7 and rehashing every vile thing Trump has ever said in the past 50 years, but there’s so much Hillary dirt still impacting and it’s doubtful even the mainstream media, in full throes of corrupt media collusion promoting Hillary by trashing Trump, can ignore or cover-up the rising tide of Obama/Hillary/Democratic Party corruption, in which Bill and Hillary’s fingerprints are everywhere.

The DOJ/FBI corruption, with investigating Hillary’s home-brew server, keeps stirring, with more disturbing revelations almost daily. The mainstream media, despite wanting to talk about the Trump Foundation and Trump’s crazy comments, haven’t been able to avoid these stories completely, for example:

Obama DOJ drops charges against broker of Libyan weapons (the dark cloud of Benghazi)

Rep. Goodlatte’s letter to Attorney General, Lorretta Lynch – side agreements to the Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson immunity deals (FBI destroyed their laptops, very limited time frame of FBI email searches)

Trump mightily strives to keep the attention on himself, but Hillary’s scandals keep rising like the Zombie Apocalypse, no matter how deeply buried, never dead.

Whether the American people can even see the massive corruption in both of these candidates seems doubtful, and the corrupt media collusion, intended to bury Trump, seems to have reached such levels of absurdity and saturation, that it’s likely, most Americans hate and distrust the corrupt media more than either Trump or Hillary.  Americans hate blatant unfairness and the over-the-top, relentless Trump-trashing onslaught by the media, might backfire and turn some undecided voters toward Trump.

Kaine lost last night, but the media lost too.

Note:  Yes, I know my conclusion about Trump losing to Pence and Trump winning against the media sound contradictory and they are to a certain degree, so as usual, I am probably wrong, at predicting anything in this race.  And there are so many other variables that might implode before November…


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