Pence won; Trump lost last night

Last night, I watched the VP debate, which many political pundits had predicted would be a snoozer. It wasn’t. Mike Pence seemed calm, knowledgeable, in command of his positions on issues. Tim Kaine seemed loaded down with one-liners, he felt compelled to deliver, no matter what.

In actual debating, Pence won, hands down.

The only problem with winning remains, that comparison between Pence, a solid conservative, and Trump, a total con man, liar, kept smacking you in the face, every time Tim Kaine threw in another crazy Trump statement to defend. Pence didn’t take the bait, but he also couldn’t defend against most of those charges. The disgusting and vile Trump statements were TRUE – Trump had said them, in fact, he had said most of them many times. You can claim you misspoke when you say something once, but when you repeat it for weeks on end, to garner cheap applause at rallies or to stir controversy, to control the 24/7 news cycle, well, you own those statements.

Pence won, but Trump lost big time last night. Trump looked much weaker and pathetic, compared to Mike Pence. The glaring difference will likely be more striking when Trump enters the second debate. Kaine lost to Pence, but he didn’t upstage Hillary’s polished debate performance one iota, so the top of that ticket looks stronger. Pence made Trump look weak and if there’s one thing bullies can’t stand, it’s being shown up or exposed as losers.

It was reported that Trump had ordered his campaign staff and surrogates to stop saying he lost the first presidential debate, sending them out there, LYING, and insisting that he won. So, while some might believe that Trump will be happy Pence won one for the team, bullies aren’t team players.

Not sure how this will play out, but last night was anything, but a win for Trump and his massive ego.

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