East or west…

Yesterday, I took care of getting gas and a few other things to prepare for Hurricane Matthew.  Later in the day some of the coastal counties in GA started ordering evacuations for the coastal islands and areas closest to the Atlantic.  We live further inland, so no evacuation order yet.

My youngest daughter, 29 yrs old, who lives in TX, serves as the family local news alert service, because she keeps track of everything happening locally here in GA better than the rest of our family here in GA.  The night before last she began with all these text messages with maps and updates on this storm and as one of my sons said yesterday morning, “My emergency hurricane warning system kicked in last night.”  That system is my youngest daughter.

So, in between hounding me about the track of the storm and “have you done this yet?” questions, last night she sent text messages, that perfectly demonstrate she inherited my snarky disposition. As I’ve mentioned many times, I get lost very easily and have no sense of direction, which accounts for my obsessive clinging to maps and I guess this map-reading penchant rubbed off on my kids:

“The FB comments about the Liberty County voluntary evacuations are hilarious. People legitimately don’t know where east is and if they live east of I95…

“Someone seriously asked how they find out if they are east of I95.”

“I recommend they send those folks to the coast and let natural selection take over.”

She continued:

“Maybe they stopped teaching what maps are in the schools…or just general knowledge of directions…or even where west and east are in the world.

I mean, that’s still no excuse because these people clearly have smart phones that will tell them anything.”

If this hurricane blows me away, at least I will die laughing…

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