A Hillary Clinton email/FBI timeline


Sharyl Attkisson published a timeline about Hillary Clinton’s  email mess and the FBI report:

The Clearest (No Spin) Summary of FBI Report on Hillary Clinton Email

I’m not sure I agree with  her first takeaway on the two Clinton servers.  Attkisson states:

  • “The Clintons’ Apple personal server used for Hillary Clinton work email could not be located for the FBI to examine.:

“In furtherance of its investigation, the FBI acquired computer equipment and mobile devices, to include equipment associated with two separate email server systems used by the Clinton, and forensically reviewed the items to recover relevant evidence.”


There’s so much information floating about, much of it contradictory , in addition to a long and complicated  timeline, that it’s difficult to keep facts straight.  I do recall reading in the FBI Notes that they did not recover all of the equipment associated with the servers, in addition to Hillary’s 13 missing mobile devices, 2 of her 5 ipads were not recovered and then there was a laptop, that Platte River Network mailed to someone, which got lost in the mail.

Yes, this woman is supposedly competent to handle our nation’s most sensitive information and she will take these aides, who moved highly classified information from a secure system to her home-brew server, with her to the White House

And just a reminder: Trump set up a fancy communication system in his company and then in court could not produce several years worth of  any email records… That was in one his many lawsuits and the judge found it unbelievable that he could not produce any  business records. This USA Today report states:

“In 2006, when a judge ordered Donald Trump’s casino operation to hand over several years’ worth of emails, the answer surprised him: The Trump Organization routinely erased emails and had no records from 1996 to 2001. The defendants in a case that Trump brought said this amounted to destruction of evidence, a charge never resolved.

At that time, a Trump IT director testified that until 2001, executives in Trump Tower relied on personal email accounts using dial-up Internet services, despite the fact that Trump had launched a high-speed Internet provider in 1998 and announced he would wire his whole building with it. Another said Trump had no routine process for preserving emails before 2005.

Judge Jeffrey Streitfeld was stunned. “He has a house up in Palm Beach County listed for $125 million, but he doesn’t keep emails. That’s a tough one,” he said, according to transcripts obtained by USA TODAY. “If somebody starts to put forth as a fact something that doesn’t make any sense to me and causes me to have a concern about their credibility in the discovery process, that’s not a good direction to go, and I am really having a hard time with this.””



The real “Deplorables” in this election are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump….


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