What to tell Putin

Since we already know how Hillary’s reset with Russia turned out and Trump’s comments feed Putin’s foreign policy objectives, NOT America’s or our allies’, well, here’s what I think the next American president should do.

Keep in mind,  I had hoped Russia and the US could work together to defeat ISIS, but that didn’t happen.  Since President Obama and John Kerry grovel to Putin and Lavrov, Putin appears to have decided to capitalize on American weakness and feckless foreign policy.

Russia  is now buzzing American planes and Iran, Russia and China are harassing our ships in international waters, so the LAST thing Trump should be doing is praising Putin or promising some grand new relationship.

The next President should be telling Putin, loud and clear: “This is the only warning you will get. If your planes or ships harass American ships or planes, they will receive ONE warning only, to desist, or they will be treated as a lethal threat and neutralized.” And then offer some diplomatic mumbo-jumbo about how hopefully we can find some areas of mutual interest,  where we can work together, but the United States will defend its citizens, its soldiers, its allies and its military assets around the globe and that is NOT negotiable.”

And of course this message needs to be leaked to the press, so that all the other leaders acting aggressively toward American forces get the memo too.

Then follow through with dealing with the aggression, while clearly stating we hope to be able to move to a level of civilized discussions, IF our forces cease being harassed in international territory.  All the hysterical Sallies opining about starting the next world war, shouldn’t worry.  You don’t back down from bullies and Putin is certainly a bully.   Putin is also a very savvy geopolitical strategist and he will recognize that the old game, for our “leader from behind”, won’t work with an American leader, willing to lead from the front and defend American interests, EVERY day.

Sadly, I don’t believe Trump or Hillary have any potential to be anything other than self-serving, corrupt, extreme narcissists.  Oh well, I can still dream for a competent, honorable leader.

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