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On page 16 of the FBI  Notes on Hillary’s Interview, there are details about who was involved in sorting through the emails on her home-brew server and  the process of determining which emails were “work-related” emails.  David Kendall, Bill Clinton’s long-time friend and attorney and Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s long-time friend and attorney oversaw the process, while Heather Samuelson, an attorney and former Bill Clinton administration staffer, was tasked with the actual sorting and printing out hard copies of “work-related” emails to be returned to the State Department.

In the footnotes at the bottom of page 16, here’s the answer, cover-up of what keywords were used to conduct these searches, that were ostensibly to locate State Department “work-related” emails:

“The FBI was unable to obtain a complete list of keywords or named officials searched from Samuelson, Mills or Clinton’s other attorneys due to an assertion of privilege.”

What kind of “privilege”???  Was this because of Bill Clinton’s emails on that server and an assertion of “executive privilege” or attorney/client privilege to avoid providing incriminating evidence???  Is there some other type of privilege???

I think it’s a safe bet that the #1 keyword search was to locate all of Bill Clinton’s emails, then all emails between Bill and Hillary Clinton.  That would be to assure their pay-to-play emails were isolated first.  And after that, I’d guess keywords like “Benghazi” were high priority, to remove any damaging emails relating to Hillary’s disastrous tenure as Secretary of State.

The Clintons weren’t concerned with locating emails that contained “classified” information, because in their world THEY decide what is and isn’t “classified”.  Their view of “classified” has nothing to do with the national security of the United States of America (this goes for President Obama too).  In these hyper-partisan, power-players everything has to do with acquiring and maintaining their domestic political power.  They don’t waste any thoughts for the people in the field, who are risking their lives to keep America safe, or how their careless handling of sensitive information affects those brave Americans.

Bill Clinton is the president who launched bombing raids on Iraq in December 1998  (Operation Desert Fox) to deflect attention away from his impeachment scandal.

For the Clintons, their only concern is for their own power and greed.

Update:  A Daily Caller article claims that the privilege claimed was attorney/client privilege.  That same article has this tidbit too:

Clinton’s top 3 aides said they didn’t know about server

Clinton’s State Department chief of staff Cheryl Mills, her top policy adviser Jake Sullivan and Abedin all told the FBI that they did not know about Clinton’s server until after they left the State Department with their boss in Feb. 2013. All three emailed extensively with Clinton.

Read more:

That has to be a lie, because Abedin, in the first 4 pages, was the one who recommended a new server system and she recommended Pagliano for the job.


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