Trump: the Russian patsy

Trump uses Twitter not only to get out his messaging, without having to go through the media, but he also uses it constantly to set-up the media with inflammatory tweets, to get them to overreact.

The mainstream media went all-in on running the Clinton Scorched Earth 2.0 pile-on to bury Trump in dirt during the general election.  Wikileaks used hacked emails to expose the Democrats corrupt media collusion to run the Clinton talking points, memes and even emails exposing Donna Brazile sneaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which assuredly is cheating.

Trump won the election legitimately despite massive corruption, from the “GOP Insurgency” where the mainstream media and FOX News gave Trump BILLIONS of dollars in free media to promote Trump.  Without that unfair advantage, I doubt Trump would have been able to pull off his “winning in all the polls” and “Trump doesn’t play by the rules” mantra.  The spin effort also railroaded Republican leaders into endless set-up questioning, asserting, “Trump is winning in the polls, don’t you need to get behind the winner?”  This was an orchestrated messaging campaign.  However, in the end no one coerced anyone to vote for a particular candidate and the Department of Homeland Security reported that there were no irregular cyber activities to hack into voting machines detected.

There were plenty of statements made by Trump sleazes, like Roger Stone, throughout the campaign that presaged Wikileaks hits, as if they knew about the Wikileaks email releases in advance of their release. There’s plenty of evidence that the mainstream media went along with the GOP Insurgency in the primary to throw the GOP into chaos and help Hillary.  There was plenty of corruption in both presidential camps and also with the media participating in scorched earth campaign efforts, Trump glorying in Wikileaks leaks, in addition to unsavory campaign attacks like Hillary’s campaign orchestrating the Alicia Machado hit on Trump and DrudgeReport and Breitbart launching stories to hype Hillary the decrepit old woman spin efforts.

The 2016 presidential election was a national embarrassment, with two candidates who will do or say anything, no matter how low, to win.

The FBI Notes on Hillary’s email server have been glossed over by Democrats and the mainstream media, who are content to repeat that FBI director, James Comey, said there was nothing criminal about Hillary and her cronies using an unsecured private server to send highly classified information.  The media and Dems also latch onto and repeat that the FBI said her server wasn’t hacked.  Well, the FBI Notes show, another server the Clintons used, 13 blackberries Hillary used and none of them were ever handed over to the FBI, plus some laptops that had server emails on them.  The Platte River Network also had Hillary’s emails on a server and they Bleach Bit the emails and they put those emails on a laptop and mailed it to Hillary’s lawyers, but it got lost in the mail.

What the FBI was investigating was email CHAINS.  From the FBI notes and released emails, it’s apparent that people beyond the State Department were involved in these CHAINS and some of them used private email to email Hillary – that exposed classified information too.  How anyone can be sure information on Hillary’s servers was not compromised by hostile foreign intelligence boggles the mind when one considers how many unsecure and unaccounted for devices were used to send and receive these emails.  Then along comes the perv Weiner’s laptop and lo’ and behold Huma Abedin had lots of State Department emails stored on that laptop, which she never turned over.  My hunch is we have not heard the last of that Weiner/Abedin laptop and those emails.  I have never believed the story that the Clinton criminal investigation was reopened, that close to the election, just so the FBI could get a subpoena and read them.  I believe there’s a lot more to this story.

Hillary’s email server was really Bill Clinton’s private server, which he had set-up in his home to for his Clinton Foundation emails.  When Hillary became Secretary of State, that server was upgraded to what the FBI referred to as the Pagliano server.  So, while the FBI’s focus was classified State Department emails on Hillary’s private server, that server contained not only Hillary’s emails, but also Bill Clinton foundation & personal emails, Chelsea Clinton had an account on that server also Huma Abedin.  The foundation emails were why, I believe,  so much effort was made to Bleach Bit the Platte River server and why David Kendall, Cheryl Mills, went to such extraordinary lengths to cover-up the scandal and why Heather Samuelson, refused to even tell the FBI what keywords were used in searching Hillary’s emails ostensibly for State Dept. work-related emails.  Hillary kept saying that she never told anyone to delete any emails and that’s probably true, because I believe the real scandal that needed to be covered up was not classified emails on her home-brew server, but Bill Clinton’s Clinton Foundation emails and that Bill Clinton orchestrated this cover-up with his long-time lawyer and friend, David Kendall.  Mainstream media reported that David Kendall had a thumb drive of the entire email content on that server, so where is that thumb drive?  Patrick Kennedy, the State Department employee, who has done his best to thwart the Congressional Oversight Committee’s investigation, under oath stated that he believed the FBI has that thumb drive.  That thumb drive of the server contents should exonerate the Clintons, who claim to be innocent victims of a right-wing witch hunt.

Let’s move on to Trump, the lying, corrupt, con man and his latest antics attacking US intelligence over the Russian hacking.   Trump has been playing this game touting Wikileaks and trashing US intelligence, which undermines US national security.

We have a president-elect who is touting a Russian front, while openly attacking US intelligence agencies.

Yesterday, Buzzfeed published a dossier of unverified information about compromising intelligence the Russians have on Trump.  The media went into frenzies on Twitter, but Trump attacked the media, the dossier and US intelligence agencies today.  He started off the morning with some tweets touting the Russian government as stating the dossier is false.  Got that – the president-elect of the United States trusts Russian intelligence, but does not trust US intelligence agencies.

Here are Trump’s morning tweets:

Russia just said the unverified report paid for by political opponents is “A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FABRICATION, UTTER NONSENSE.” Very unfair!

Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA – NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!

I win an election easily, a great “movement” is verified, and crooked opponents try to belittle our victory with FAKE NEWS. A sorry state!

Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to “leak” into the public. One last shot at me.Are we living in Nazi Germany?

Then Donald Trump set-up a press conference where he did his usual sideshow.  He had stage props of course, but in this one he had a table of folders supposedly containing information on how he will separate himself from his business, where in that VA fundraiser press conference he had a million dollar check to a Marine charity as a stage prop or the press conference where he had Trump steak, wine and magazines to tout his great businesses.  He attacked the media today , but he also attacked US intelligence agencies.

I think he’s a national security threat to the United States.  That is my gut feeling and I believe he lashed out like this because he knows the FBI and US intelligence agencies are investigating his ties to the Russian mob.  I believe there’s way more to the Clinton investigation than her unsecured email server too.  Knowing how she jeopardized highly classified information, because she didn’t want to have to carry two devices (that was her lame explanation) she is definitely a threat to national security and should never be allowed to handle sensitive information again.

And since Trump lives on Twitter, I suspect what set him and his corrupt cronies in Trump Tower off into staging this sideshow today were tweets by various people on Twitter alluding to US intelligence investigations, like former NSA analyst, John Schindler’s tweetstorm January 9th:

Schindler lays out allegations that Trump is a long-time money-launderer for the Russian mob in 15 tweets, like this one:

There are literally dozens of Russian OC scams, some gargantuan, that we know were based at Trump properties — quite a coincidence. /10

And along with the Russians and Trump playing tag team at the expense of US intelligence, Wikileaks kept tweeting crap like this:

WikiLeaks Retweeted Donald J. Trump

Trump understanding the difference between a leak and a “leak” (a pseudo-leak or plant with pet media by CIA/admin)

WikiLeaks added,

This is where I’m at in regards to Trump – I hope the FBI and US Intelligence agencies complete their investigations quickly and I hope they find enough to impeach Trump.  The sooner the better.  I have watched his tweets praising Putin and the way they tag team messages back and forth for several weeks, but seeing him insinuate US intelligence agencies are Nazis, while accepting Russian intel without question shows he is  the MOST USEFUL IDIOT the Russians have ever acquired.


I sure don’t support a do-over election.  The election was legitimate.  For weeks, I’ve been saying he deserves a chance and he does.  I never thought I would hope a President of the United States gets impeached, but after watching Trump undercut, belittle, and undermine US intelligence, while praising Wikileaks, Putin and now Russian intelligence, playing right into their propaganda, well, I believe Donald J. Trump is a threat to The Constitution.  I hope we have some leaders who will abide by The Constitution and vigilantly watch every step Trump takes as President and I pray that our intelligence agencies come up with enough compelling evidence to impeach him.  It feels odd to have a president-elect, whom I hope the FBI can build a case for Congress to say to Donald J. Trump, “You’re fired!”

His games with Putin are a threat to the United States, because he is not only undermining Americans’ confidence in US intelligence agencies, every time he pulls these sideshow gimmicks, he’s undercutting America’s standing with our long-time allies.

I also hope the FBI can make a case against the Clintons and their massive money-laundering operation through the Clinton Foundation.

I would love to see Trump and the Clintons wholesale public corruption exposed and their money-laundering operations hung out to dry.

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