Media Collusion Out in the Open

The media can’t be trusted!

This post is about media collusion, to spin the news to aid politicians. It is not about Trump or Hillary, but about the MEDIA COLLUSION.

I read about the latest Anthony Weiner scandal in a story at National Review Online.  The NY Post ran another Anthony Weiner sexting front page exposé, which includes a photo on Weiner with his son, that he sent to a sexting partner. USA Today ran with the NY Post story and states:

“While his wife, Huma Abedin, is off campaigning for former secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the New York Post reported Weiner has been sexting another woman — at one point posting a raunchy selfie with his 4-year-old son in the background.”

USA Today states it’s a photo of Weiner with his four-year old son, but the photo looks like baby to me. This raises the question of whether Trump or his friends in the media paid an old sexting partner of Weiner’s for this photo. I would love the history of this photo – from the sexting partner who received it to how it ended up in this NY Post story. I would love to know if money, and how much, passed hands, and from whom, to acquire this photo.

Fox News said the photo was taken in 2015 (at 1:05 is the NY Post photo).  As far as the sexting allegation itself, it’s not hard to believe that Weiner would continue sexting. Does the detail of the age of the child and exactly when this photo was taken and the trail of how the NY Post acquired this photo matter? It’s a small detail, right?

So, let’s examine another deliberate media collusion and the deception it played:

Breitbart wrote about this CNN video today too.  Stop at 0:16 in the video and read Trump’s tweet.  Breitbart reports that the CNN report on Trump’s tweet edited out the word “Crooked” in front of Hillary.  What could be the reason for that – well to downplay Trump’s negative meme of Hillary – ie, to help Hillary.  This wasn’t some little inadvertent mistake. Someone had to deliberately alter the screenshot of Trump’s tweet.  That is doctoring a photo btw.

CNN, on their website, “updated” the story, at 10:49 this morning, and has the unaltered tweet in the story, but no acknowledgment that they deliberately doctored a photo for their NEWS broadcast.

This is the level of LYING and deliberate MEDIA COLLUSION at play to promote these two vile candidates.   It’s a choice between two of the worst sewer rats, who will do anything to win – one who is a king of buying political favors and the other who is THE queen of selling political favors.  They are fighting for control of the WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION racket.




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