America’s moral compass?

One of my sons told me I had to watch this video a couple weeks ago and while Trump supporters will say it’s just trying to make Trump supporters look bad and liberals will say they are bad, most people will laugh and forget about this video, which was after all done for laughs.

The thing I really am wondering about is if these people were really Trump supporters, who volunteered to review these ads (fake ads). I also wonder how many Americans, with the angry rhetoric about illegal immigrants being spewed to drum up political support, would respond like these people and if they do, we have a very SERIOUS moral crisis in America. The women in this video were way more frightening than the men – the one woman proposing tricking them with vaccinating them with something (at 6:06). She is proposing biological warfare and smiling about it – totally clueless to the magnitude of what she is blithely proposing.

No one spoke up and said any of this stuff was wrong. If Americans can be led along with ideas like this, as part of a political ad campaign, believing these are good ideas, something is very, very wrong with America’s moral compass.

I wonder how many Americans could that easily be led to committing war crimes?

And on the left we have BLM and all the way to the White House, excusing their anarchist movement and making excuses for their “anger”.


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2 responses to “America’s moral compass?

  1. Kinnison

    According to Sociologists who have studied Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and Communist China, about 10% in any general population. Remember that at its height the NSDAP in Germany was only 7% of the total population—and even some of them, I think, would have balked at the “Final Solution” if they had known early on what the Nazis were going to do in Eastern Europe.

    • Thanks Kinnison. These women in this video were frightening – I was horrified. The BLM violence horrifies me even more, because actual violence has already occurred. All the yammering about how we need to understand the anger – to convince people it’s justified, but Obama and other mouthpieces always tack on the “we must stop the violence,” after tacitly condoning it.

      Then again Obama made comments about his drone target list that bothered me a great deal too.

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