More smoke and mirrors in Trumpkin village.

Strange things still abound in the Potemkin Trump campaign. Trump fired Corey Lewandowski this past week, but just like Roger Stone before him, something is very off in this “firing”. Remember last August, when Roger Stone left the Trump campaign, where he had been the campaign manger and the Trump campaign said Stone was fired, but Stone said he quit. Despite no longer being the campaign manager, Stone showed up all over the place doing interviews and acting as a campaign manager, in fact, Stone seemed to be the only face of the Trump campaign besides Trump, until Trump hired Katrina Pierson in November 2015.

Corey Lewandowski took over as the Trump campaign manager and Lewandowski appeared to be the strongest advocate of the scorched earth campaign throughout the primary.

Roger Stone:

August 8, 2015- “Sources: Roger Stone quit, wasn’t fired by Trump in campaign shakeup”

February 23, 20916 – “CNN says it will no longer have Trump ally Roger Stone on air”

April 4, 2016 – “MSNBC Confirms That Trump Ally Roger Stone Has Been Banned From The Network”

From August 2015, until the present day Roger Stone continues to be in contact with Donald Trump and his long-time business partner, Paul Manafort, who joined the Trump campaign in April 2016, is now ostensibly leading Trump campaign operations.

Corey Lewandowski:

When did Trump hire Lewnadowski?


December 2014 Trump hires Corey Lewandowski.

February 2015 – “Trump moves toward candidacy; hires NH’s Lewandowski as senior political adviser”

Summer of 2015 – “Meet Donald Trump’s Alter Ego”

So, I’m not really sure exactly when Trump hired Lewandowski.

Now as to the strangeness that followed Lewandowski leaving the Trump campaign, well, he doesn’t act angry or act  like he just got fired. From the Daily Beast (yep, leftist rag, I know):

“A day after falling from a weird sort of political grace, the former campaign manager showed up in Manhattan—with no press invited—to talk up the man who pushed him out.

A day after security escorted him out of Trump Tower, Corey Lewandowski kept a commitment he’d made weeks earlier, when he was still the manager of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Lewandowski was set to speak Tuesday evening to the $1,000-and-up donors of the New York Republican Party’s Empire Club in a 10th-floor meeting room of the tony New York Athletic Club overlooking the Central Park Zoo. But the Empire Club didn’t list the event on its website and—what with Lewandowski having lost his job the day before—it wasn’t clear if he’d be there at all until he reconfirmed hours after he was fired.

But there he was just after 6 p.m. in the club, whose website offers members benefits including luncheons with presidential candidates and policy briefings with GOP state chair (and Richard Nixon son-in-law) Ed Cox, along with a pin and your choice of scarf or tie.”

So, newly, fired Lewnadowski still showed up to speak at this fundraiser for Trump.  Then Lewandowski was on TV doing interviews and next thing you know CNN has hired him as a political analyst.

Well, I am not alone in wondering if this “firing” isn’t quite what it appears to be.  At RedState. com blog, a poster, neulight, had similar thought to mine:

“Let me preface this post with the fact that I don’t have any evidence for this nor do I put a ton of weight behind what I’m about to say. However, I do want to throw this out there just in case it comes true ;)…

I feel like the “Firing” of Cory Lewandowski may have been a sham and that he is still working for the campaign as a surrogate. It sounds wacky but hear me out. After watching the glowing interview Cory did,  constantly praising Trump on CNN it became apparent that he is not eating sour grapes. Then listening to Trump’s campaign reciprocate the same glowing messaging made me think something was up.”

Trump had no advocate at CNN, since Stone was banned.  Fox appears to be holding strong for Trump and of course, Trump is having dinner with Rupert Murdoch in Aberdeen Scotland, before returning to the States.

MSNBC doesn’t have enough of an audience to worry about.

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