Waking up to reality

As I wrote late last night, I believe Trump’s response to Hillary’s speech, throwing everything including the kitchen sink at her, was totally misguided and completely played into Hillary’s hands.  Trump doesn’t have the media selling his spin for him anymore and he and his campaign staff, such as they are, don’t quite grasp that the media that fawned all over him and gave him endless free media to attack 16 Republican candidates has switched sides now.  He will be on the receiving end, while the media carries water for Hillary.

Politico ran a story about Lester Holt at NBC, which exemplifies why lobbing every bit of dirt on Hillary that they could muster backfired and this approach will dig Trump further into a  hole.  The same liberal media that helped bury Hillary’s email server for the last year, to run Trump’s 24/7 “GOP Insurgent Show”, is now playing the role of defending Hillary’s “honor”.

Anyone with a functioning brain knows that if the Russians, Chinese and several other foreign intelligence agencies were remotely competent (they are), they have all of Hillary’s emails from her unsecured server.  Just a few days ago, the news reported that the Clinton Foundation computers are believed to have been hacked by the Russians, so it seems inconceivable that they would not have hacked into Hillary’s private unsecured email server.  However, Trump came under attack from Lester Holt:

Donald Trump faced down multiple queries from NBC News’ Lester Holt in an interview airing Thursday over evidence that Hillary Clinton’s personal email server had been hacked, potentially by foreign governments.

“You also made the claim that her email, personal email server, had been hacked, probably by foreign governments, suggesting that,” Holt said in an excerpt released from the interview, as Trump interrupted, “Well, you don’t know that … it hasn’t been.”

Holt followed up, “What evidence do you have?”

“Well first of all, she shouldn’t have had a personal server, OK?” Trump responded. “She shouldn’t have had it. It’s illegal. What she did is illegal. Now she might not be judging that way because, you know, we — we have a rigged system. But what she did is illegal. She shouldn’t have had a personal server—”

Holt interjected, inquiring as to whether there is “any evidence that it was hacked other than routine phishing attacks.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/06/trump-clinton-email-server-224738#ixzz4CSkKFqwl
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Imagine if the liberal media had brought this level of investigative journalism to bear for the past year, actually hounding Hillary for answers about her home-brew email server….    She wouldn’t be the Democratic presumptive nominee and if Trump hadn’t been given billions of dollars of free media to throw the GOP primary into chaos, he likewise wouldn’t be the presumptive GOP nominee.

If Trump were even remotely a likable person, I would feel sorry for him being played like this, but he’s not and he and the Clintons deserve each other.

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