Above the law

The Queen acts more arrogant and insolent every day.  She’s confident that now that the Benghazi committee’s report will end up gathering dust, her only obstacle left is the FBI investigation and truly who really believes that Loretta Lynch, the Obama sycophant extraordinaire, would dare move to indict Hillary, even if the FBI did recommend an indictment.

Hillary Clinton is above the law.

The Democrats deliberately moved yesterday to protect Hillary from political fall-out from today’s release of the House Select Committee on Benghazi report.  The Democrats pulled another thuggish move by preempting the actual report of the committee with their own propaganda designed to sell their talking points:

“This is just a right-wing witch hunt.”

“This investigation wasted millions of taxpayers money.”

The Democrats on the Benghazi committee showed an amazing lack of interest in uncovering facts, gathering information, questioning witnesses or doing any sort of real investigation.  This is par for the course and  to see how incompetent and disingenuous the Democrats are, they mention the ARB report as proof positive no one was culpable for the gross failures of the Obama administration to even attempt a rescue of the Americans under attack in Benghazi.

Just remember that the ARB committee kept no record of their witness interviews or meetings and operated strictly off of their own memories or personal notes, all to assure they left no paper trail.  That in and of itself is obscene and so blatantly indicative that their report was just a sham to provide cover for the Obama administration.  And on top of that, the ARB committee never once interviewed Hillary Clinton.

There’s no point in rehashing all the issues  or  ranting about my disgust with how the Obama administration handled not only the Benghazi attack, but the obscene manner in which they tried to cover-up their grotesque incompetence in the aftermath.

The Democrats mastered a totalitarian form of information warfare, as I’ve repeated many times and it was a foregone conclusion that this investigation would lead no where, because the Democrats have the mass media colluding with their spin constantly.  To watch elected officials participate in this vile talking points messaging (brainwashing), with not a hint of recognition that their behavior is an assault on The Constitution left me feeling not only sickened, but deeply saddened.

Four brave Americans died and no one in the American government did a single thing to try and save them.

That’s the TRUTH.

No one in the American government will do a thing to hold anyone accountable for this obscene failure.  We all now know that the politicians’ partisan agenda matters more than Americans in harm’s way actually risking their lives for America.  Hillary Clinton’s political future matters more than any other American citizen’s rights or justice

Here’s the link to the Select Committee on Benghazi’s report.

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