Humor would work better

Trump delivered his speech in response to Hillary’s speech today.  He used a teleprompter and stayed on message.  Yes, really, with Trump that’s the low-bar we’re reduced to – his mouthpieces think it’s a big accomplishment that he stayed on message.  The speech struck me as a sledgehammer to clobber the listener, as much as Hillary, with an endless barrage about her history.  She came out afterwards, in a speech in NC, and played the victim on another vast, right-wing conspiracy.

Today’s speech showed Trump is trying to improve at giving prepared speeches and that’s a plus, but Trump seems flat and bored reading speeches and staying on message, which bodes poorly for a President.  His speeches should reflect more about him than be one long character assassination of his opponent.  He needs to find some personality of his own, that moves beyond bragging about himself or name-calling.

The “let Trump be Trump” chorus have it all wrong here, because Trump needs to be presidential and  his behavior should be to the level befitting the highest office in the land to even be considered for this position.  Public decorum is a must and with that in mind, here’s where I differ with all the pundits who cheered his red-meat attack today.  I think Trump could have done himself more good if he came out and talked in-depth about his vision for America, with some gibes at Hillary that were humorous or clever.  Does he have any charming or witty stories to make him seem less of a vulgar jerk? This overloaded speech, with  every piece of dirt on Hillary packed into one speech, detracted and actually trivialized the most serious ones, like her email server, which put national security at risk.

Trump’s speech played to her speech from yesterday and she has him dancing to her tune.  He responded and that’s a defensive posture.  Watching him deliver this speech, his followers cheered it as proof positive Trump can “act” presidential, but he seemed miserable “acting” presidential and that should concern his big name GOP enablers.  I feel sure the old, real Trump will burst forth again and they will need to keep their slop buckets at the ready to do damage control and continuously clean-up after him.

Above is a video of a President delivering humor that made everyone laugh, even his political adversaries.  Hillary delivered her speech perfectly and her speechwriter(s) had some clever lines, like the one about Trump writing many books, but they all end at Chapter 11.  That was a very clever line and Hillary delivered it perfectly.  She pulled it off, despite being a very humorless, wooden political hack, so she’s working to soften her image as “America’s Grandma”.

Trump seems most human talking about his kids and that’s where he seems genuine and he would come across much better if he quit with the relentless character assassinations, shared some amusing anecdotes and showed a bit of charm, wit, humor.



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