The American Spirit


Here are a few more links about that “American spirit”:

“My Bondage and My Freedom” – one of the finest autobiographies in American history, as Frederick Douglass describes his journey from slave to a free man in America

Looking Back at Lewis and Clark – an essay by David M. Lenard, published at The American Thinker, September 2, 2012

The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition -By the University of Nebraska, where the intro states, “This website makes available the text of the celebrated Nebraska edition of the Lewis and Clark journals, edited by Gary E. Moulton. Moulton’s edition — the most accurate and inclusive edition ever published — is one of the major scholarly achievements of the late twentieth century.”

Survival: The Mind-set – a LB post from December 26, 2012

Self-help projects: an American tradition – a LB post I wrote January 3, 2016

To mark my first year of U.S. citizenship, I read Alexis de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America.” Turns out, it explains everything” – a Washington Post article by Carlos Lozada, December 20, 2015

Democracy in America – Alexis deTocqueville, classic on what being American is all about, the Lozada article above contain a link to to purchase a copy, but save yourself the money, because you can find Vol 1 and Vol 2 free at  Here’s another pointer, as a frequent shopper, scroll through the entire listing for old books – often a free version is way down the list;-)


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2 responses to “The American Spirit

  1. Lots of great food for thought to read over the next couple of days. This is in sharp contrast to what I have been reading today! Much of it is frightening, especially what people expect Trump to do when he is prez:

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