A really great commencement address

Here’s one from the LB archives, a terrific commencement address from a couple of years ago:

Don’t Back Down From The Sharks!


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4 responses to “A really great commencement address

  1. Michael Adams

    Now, he is Chancellor of the University. And, I make my bed every morning. He is being floated as a possible VP candidate with Hillary.

  2. Minta Marie Morze

    A great speech, but if he even considers the VP slot under HRC, I will be shocked and profoundly disappointed. Beyond disappointment—I would be sickened. HRC is contemptuous of the military and, more, has always thought of it as a SJW target for Proggie experimentation. Then there’s Benghazi??? Hello???

    I heard a talking head—I won’t name her—on TV, commenting on this commencement address, and she totally missed what was being said. She made some sort of inane remark about how stupid was even the idea that making your bed is some sort of an accomplishment to notice or think about. She missed the fact that he was citing rules and events and abstracting them into metaphors for life.

    It was an elegant speech, filled with parallels of structure, stated at just the right tempo, and meant to be striking enough that people would seek out the transcript afterword, to be slowly relished. Highly memorable.

    • I really love this speech and he was pointing out the importance of building character and self-discipline to change the world. You’ve got to learn how to weather challenges in life to become a stronger person.

      No where in civilian life do they build teams based on 100% selfless commitment to a common mission (defending The Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic) and selfless commitment to your fellow brothers and sisters in arms. Those on the team are willing to sacrifice their lives for the mission and each other.

      Would that we could teach Americans to unite enough to even behave civilly to fellow citizens. The deep and virulent factions in America leave us very weak and vulnerable.

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